Monday, November 14, 2016

CSW Podcast - Golden State, DeMarcus Cousins & David Chappelle

After an atrocious start to the week for the Celtics, they finished 2-2 and might have possibly found their defensive mojo. We discuss the difference that Marcus Smart and Kelly Olynyk have made in the starting lineup, plus the boost the C's bench has gotten from Terry Rozier, James Young and Tyler Zeller as of late. We're talking Golden State Warriors, who the Celtics will face most likely without Jae Crowder & Al Horford. What does Brad Stevens have to do to beat the 'villains' of the NBA again? We also debate on the best 'trade scenario' that would bring DeMarcus Cousins to Boston.

Take a listen to the Causeway Street Podcast Episode 59 below:

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