Monday, June 29, 2015

Did the Celtics Draft a future rim protector?

Associated Press
In a draft where the Celtics selected three guards, Danny Ainge eventually addressed his team's need for a rim protector with his first pick in the second round of the 2015 NBA Draft.

When Ainge, Celtics president of basketball operations, drafted LSU forward Jordan Mickey at No. 33, he picked a versatile defender who has the potential to become a valuable player in the near future.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

C's reportedly offered Charlotte up to six Draft Picks for No. 9

Associated Press
The Celtics almost put a lot of eggs into one basket; Charlotte's No. 9 pick.

After no deal was made, and the draft was all said and done, sources dug to find out what Danny Ainge, Celtics president of basketball operations, offered Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets for their coveted No. 9 pick in the draft. Sources say the Celtics offered as many as six draft picks, a combination of the Celtics' 2015 first round picks and future first rounders.

Celtics Draft Recap

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With a stash of draft picks, the Celtics tried to move up in the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft but by the end of the night the C's failed to land a deal.

Instead, Danny Ainge, Celtics president of basketball operations, drafted Louisville guard Terry Rozier at No. 16, Georgia State guard R.J. Hunter at No. 28, LSU forward Jordan Mickey at No. 33, and William & Mary guard Marcus Thornton at No. 45.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Report: Celtics willing to offer Philly a handful if Okafor slips in Draft

Associated Press

While trade talks surrounding DeMarcus Cousins heat up on Draft Day, it looks like the Celtics are already seeking other options for bringing in a big man.

As Ohio State D'Angelo Russell's stock continues to rise, the Celtics are reportedly prepared to offer Philadelphia a deal they cannot refuse for their third pick to draft Jahlil Okafor.

Breaking: Sullinger rumored in a deal to Charlotte for No. 9 pick

Associated Press

In today's sports world social media is the new place to find out what trade is about to go down before it actually happens.

That was the case today when Jared Sullinger's Twitter account blew up this afternoon when he followed the Charlotte Hornets' Twitter account. Speculation of a potential deal involving the Hornets' No. 9 pick in tonight's NBA Draft makes the most sense for the Celtics.

DeMarcus Cousins could be dealt during tonight's Draft

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If the Celtics are going to land all-star DeMarcus Cousins it's going to happen tonight.

Is that a fact?

No, it's a prediction.

One that's based on Danny Ainge's track record as Celtics president of basketball operations and based on Sacramento's needs.

The Kings, a team that has been trying to become a Western Conference powerhouse, wants to give their fans a winning team. Sacramento hasn't been competitive since the early 2000's so Celtics' future draft picks isn't going to pry Cousins out of their hands. But if Ainge can trade up into the top 10 in tonight's draft, take those future picks that Ainge has been piling up for two years, add some of the best young talent on the Celtics' roster then maybe you can grab Sacramento's attention.

Ainge plans to move up in NBA Draft

(Boston Herald)

Not even Danny Ainge, Celtics president of basketball operations, knows what's going to happen in tonight's NBA Draft but with all the buzz that has surrounded his club in the last 48 hours, it's safe to say we can expect some sort of movement tonight.

Ainge, who is equipped with four picks tonight (No. 16, 28, 33, and 45), has made it loud and clear that wants to move up in the draft but hasn't hinted about which prospect he wishes to draft. Ainge spoke to reporters Tuesday afternoon at the Celtics' training facility.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dutra's 2015 NBA Mock Draft

I know one thing is for certain, the 2015 NBA Draft is definitely happening Thursday Night. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine and therefore my prediction is as good as any one's so why not take this Mock Draft as gospel?

The Celtics have the 16th and 28th pick in the draft as we stand right this second. That could easily change by the time Adam Silver takes the stage tomorrow night, and if i had to bet my guess is it will.  Danny Ainge may move up, or may even move out of the draft and acquire an active NBA player but for right now lets play it out that the Celtics stay put.

Report: Celtics plan to pursue Paul Pierce, Lopez to get Kevin Love

Associated Press

According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski the Celtics plan to pursue free agents Paul Pierce and Robin Lopez in hopes of swaying all-star forward Kevin Love to sign with the Celtics.

Love, who has reportedly opted out of his contract with Cleveland, will test free agency this summer. And the Celtics will one of many teams interested in signing him.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Isaiah Thomas Visits ESPN's First Take

YouTube: ESPN First Take

Boston Celtics' guard Isaiah Thomas was seen enjoying a front row seat at Oracle Arena for Game 5 on Sunday night when the Golden State Warriors hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers with none other than boxer Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. But the 5'9 young vet also stayed in Oakland to give his take on the NBA Finals thus far on Monday morning, when he was a guest on ESPN's First Take.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Podcast - Who Will Win This Best-of-Three Series?

NBA's Instagram

It's all tied up 2-2 as this series shifts back to Oakland and it becomes a best of 3, who's the odd-on favorite to win it all? Can LeBron James continue to carry the load for Cleveland and when will Steph Curry 'go off'? We discuss what the Warriors' and Cavaliers' game plan should be going forward, plus much more in our last preview episode of the 2015 NBA Finals.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Podcast - Can the Cavaliers Still Win?

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After an epic Game 1, the Cavs find themselves not only down 1-0 but also without their point guard; Kyrie Irving for the rest of the Finals. Will LeBron have enough to carry Cleveland to their first NBA title despite the injuries? What needs to happen in Game 2 for both Golden State and the Cavaliers? Plus some Celtics free agent talk including a LaMarcus Aldridge sighing in Boston. All of this and more in this jam packed episode!

Celtics will head to Italy this Fall

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The Celtics will begin their preseason schedule in Milan this October.

Celtics will take on the three-time Euroleague champion and 26-time Italian League champion, Olimpia Milano on Oct. 6 in Milan, Italy.
"On behalf of the Celtics organization, we are proud to return to Milan for NBA Global Games 2015," Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said in a press release. "I have particularly fond memories of playing in Europe almost 30 years ago, and I am sure our current players will relish this unique opportunity."

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Podcast - NBA Finals Preview

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The Causeway Street boys are back talking NBA Finals as they make their predictions before Game 1 on Thursday. Who will shine in this much awaited series between LeBron and the 2015 league MVP; Steph Curry? Who needs this win to be great? All of that and much more in this special championship preview episode. Enjoy.