Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Celtics recall Fab Melo from D-League

Celtics recalled center Fab Melo from the Maine Red Claws.

Melo was at Tuesday's practice and will be on the bench for tonight's game against the Sacramento Kings.

Melo, 7'0", averaged 11.2 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.6 blocks a game in Maine this season.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cetlics 2012-13 Mid Term Grades

The Boston Celtics currently hold the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference and have lost their starting point guard, Rajon Rondo to season-ending injury in which he tore his right ACL. It's report card time here at Causeway Street. The Midterms are in for the rest of the Celtics roster:


Professor Joel
Grade: B-

Defense still good, but has not been consistent on his jump shot. He disappears at times on offense. Look for him playing more point in the second half of the season.

Professor Josue
Grade: B

The biggest question that was looming over this Celtics team this season was: how will Avery Bradley respond after coming back from double shoulder surgery? Bradley gave the Celtics a big spark in his return because of his ability to defend the perimeter. Rondo, who has struggled with his one-on-one defense this season, got the help he needed in Bradley. Celtics are tougher defensively because the frontcourt no longer has to help the backcourt assignments. Celtics went on a six-game winning streak after Bradley's comeback game. And his tough on-ball defense has led to other players like Courtney Lee and Jeff Green to play tougher on defense as well. Look for Bradley's offense to pick up in the second half of the season as well. His ability to move without the ball and cut to the hoop gives players like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett their wide-open jumpers.

Professor Dutra
Grade: B

His return from shoulder surgery in January seemed to temporarily light the fire under the Celtics on the defensive end. There is no question, he is the heartbeat of the Celtics defense. He is able to use his annoying and unrelenting style of play to get in the heads of opposing ball handlers, and make their lives miserable for 48 minutes. So defensively, he's been on point, but his offensive game has been sub par since his return. He needs to get back to knocking down corner threes and also start slashing and moving without the ball. As of late, his jumper is slowly becoming more and more effective and Bradley is starting to look for his shot more. He will need to step his game up in the second half, especially with Rondo gone for the season.


Professor Joel

Grade: B-

Until the month of January, he was having one of the best starts of his career. He hit the 30-point mark a few times, and even the 40-point mark. Hopefully he gets out of his shoot slump, and maybe becomes the "point forward" from here on out.

Professor Josue
Grade: B-

At the beginning of the season, Pierce was a top ten scorer in the NBA but has struggled when his team needed him the most (during the six-game losing streak). Pierce averaged 22 points in the month of December. But lately, hasn't been able to score as much as he averages (18.9). Pierce is averaging 16 points throughout the month of January. However aside from scoring his rebounding has gone up this season and so has his steals. Pierce is averaging 1.5 steals per game this season, which is his highest average since the 2005-06 campaign. It would just be nice to see some more consistency offensively from Pierce. Celtics rely on his scoring, especially in late-game situations.

Professor Dutra
Grade: B+

If we've learned one thing about Paul Pierce during his career, it's to never count him out. He started off the season looking slow, only to go on a tear in December, putting up 40 points against Cleveland. Then during one of his worst shooting slumps in his career in January, he comes up huge in a make or break game, in double overtime against the Heat this past Sunday. He has shown that he can still be relied on to carry the offensive load for the C's, just not on a nightly basis like "The Truth" of old. Still, he's your best chance of getting anywhere in the playoffs.


Professor Joel
Grade: A-

If you are looking for KG to score, you're not paying attention. KG does all the little things, especially on the defensive end, which makes all the difference in the world. He is a well deserved All-Star!

Professor Josue
Grade: B+
Garnett continues to be the most consistent player for the Celtics. For a team that hasn't been consistent (besides the six-game winning streak), it's a good feeling not having to worry about how KG is going to play on a game-to-game basis. His defense has kept the Celtics in a lot of games this season. He's been able to get big stops late in game. His rebounding has slightly gone down this season, but that may be because of rookie, Jared Sullinger. Offensively, Garnett shoots 50 percent from the field and averages 12 shots a game. Only reason why Garnett doesn't get an A is because I think he's been too unselfish. I would love to see Garnett bump his field goal percentage to 15 a game. It would be beneficial for the Celtics. While role players like Jason Terry and Jeff Green continue to struggle, Garnett should be shooting the ball as frequently as Pierce (who averages 15 attempts). He's only taken 15 or more field goals in eight games this season. Celtics went 6-2 in those eight games.

Professor Dutra
Grade: B+
For everyone that is knocking Garnett, saying he looks older and slower this year, I sometimes wonder what you expect from someone turning 37 in a few months. In my eyes, Garnett has played well so far this year, not great but good enough. He still is bringing the intensity every night, and is doing what he can defensively with no real help down low. His offensive game has slipped a little this year but still is automatic when he steps in to that 17-foot jumper. What the Celtics need from him is to lead by example, not exactly with his production but with his attitude and intensity. It has to start rubbing off the new guys soon, right?


Professor Joel
Grade: D+

Has anyone seen our starting power forward, who had a break out season last year? Neither have I. Meanwhile, Doc has tried everything to motivate this man. Having him come off the bench, hell at one point Jason Collins was starting over him. Now it looks like he has lost his job yet again, this time, to a rookie!

Professor Josue
Grade: D-
Bass hasn't been the same guy he was last season. At all. He cannot knock down the mid range jumper that was almost automatic last season and struggles with his defensive assignments. Bass helped tremendously last season because defenders were forced to leave the paint in order to disrupt his shot. If he can somehow hit that shot with some consistency, it will open up the paint for layups for slashers such as Jeff Green and Avery Bradley.

Professor Dutra
Grade: F
Guy has been basically useless all year. He is a liability on the defensive end this season, and he's probably one of the worst 6'8", 250lbs rebounders in the league... ever. His only useful contribution is his mid-range game, and that hasn't even been working this year. His automatic elbow jumper of last year failed him early in the year and it seems lately he's not even looking for the shot. Overpaid and under performing... need a lot more from this guy. If Bass keeps his lackluster play up in could be the end of his run here in Boston. Look for Ainge or either trade him as a throw-in to match up contracts for Doc to bury him at the end of the bench behind Sullinger and Wilcox.


Professor Joel
Grade: C+
When you see him take it to the cup and dunk over the likes of Al Jefferson or Chris Bosh, you say 'oh, damn, he's got!'. Then there are days when he's just M.I.A. and you don't know what "it" is. Whatever "it" may be, we should see something better from here on out.

Professor Josue
Grade: C-
Although Green has been a disappointment, he continues to show signs of improvement. He has stepped up defensively, which is why Danny Ainge resigned him but for the most part, Celtics fans need to see him show more consistency on the offensive end. It's great that he can knock down three's every once in a while but if he could turn into a solid scorer who puts up 12-14 points a game in the second half of the season, he could push the Celtics up a few notches in the Eastern Conference. Maybe even a 5th or 6th seed.

Professor Dutra
Grade: C+
Jeff Green has had a very interesting season. He began the preseason looking like James Worthy, only to start the regular season looking like Gerald Green. That type of inconsistency is not what Danny Ainge was looking for when he signed him through the next four years. He has to start playing with energy and avoid the games and stretches that he has been invisible on the court. It seems like he always has a perfectly timed out-of-this-world dunk that makes you think he can be that James Worthy-esque player, but he needs to shed the inconsistent label.


Professor Joel
Grade: B
He does what ever you ask of him. Whether that means start at the point, play hard nosed defense or simply run the floor in transition. He will be more important now that more minutes will become available.

Professor Josue
Grade: B-
Lee has struggled with his 3-point shot, but found other ways to help his team. His defending has improved since the start of the season, and more importantly, his help defense, has given him a 1 steal per game average. Lee is also shooting a career-best 46 percent.

Professor Dutra
Grade: C+
Lee struggled at the beginning of the season when he was given the starters role, but as the season has moved along he is becoming more and more comfortable with his role. He has shown promise defensively and has flashed his athleticism on both ends of the floor. He has been extremely inconsistent game-to-game though, that's why he slips to a C+. I also think his lofty expectations have hurt him so far this season, as the Celtics probably envisioned more production from Lee. He is averaging the lowest point total of his career at 7.2 ppg.


Professor Joel
Grade: A-
The minus is for when he doesn't have both hands up on D and gets caught by the ref almost every time. But this rookie is too smart and his passion for the game will only lead to good things. Doc knows Sully will be that much more important for this team.

Professor Josue
Grade: A
No one has exceeding their expectations more than Sullinger. As the best offensive rebounder, he gives the Celtics second chance possessions, something that they haven't had in previous seasons. He's second to KG in rebounding and plays great defense in the post. He may have earned himself a permanent starting job.

Professor Dutra
Grade: A-
The rookie has been impressive. Sullinger has given the Celtics the hard nosed rebounder they have been lacking since Eric Williams left. Sullinger is rebounding on both ends of the floor and seems to be making a living in the paint. Offensively his jump shot has been on, and he is in the right place for numerous put backs and second chance points. If only he could stay on the floor and shed those rookie fouls. He has been hampered by foul trouble while adjusting to the pro game, but the refs will start cutting him some slack once he makes his name known on the regular basis.


Professor Joel
Grade: D
That spot up shooter the C's desperately need would be great right about now. Too bad they already used their mid-level exception on him and he still has yet to land in Boston. The Jet has made a couple of landings alright, but how about just grounding all flights until you find that jumper you left in Dallas?

Professor Josue
Grade: D
No one has been more disappointing than The Jet. He may be the most disappointing player in the NBA this season. It's harsh, but true. Terry has been one of the best sixth man in NBA history but hasn't found any consistency in his shot. He barely averages double-digits in points and is shooting a mere 35 percent from behind the arc. When Celtics gave him its mid-level exception they thought they were getting the three point shooting juggernaut that he has been throughout his career. Man were they wrong, along with the rest of Celtics faithful. A couple clutch late-game shots is the only reason he didn't receive an F. He has hit a couple big shots this season against teams like Miami (this past Sunday) and Chicago. Even throughout his worst season since his rookie year, Terry is still a player that teams worry about in late-game situations.

Professor Dutra
Grade: D
Terry was brought in to do a few things for the Celtics. He was brought in to give the Celtics what Ray Allen used to bring to the table. He needed to be a knock down three-point shooter, be a viable option to close out games, and not shy away from the big moments. He has done none of that this season. Terry has been okay in stretches this season, but as a whole he has been an extreme disappointment. He has not shown any reason for Doc to trust him in the big moments, and has been pretty awful shooting the ball this season. Terry's production is way down, as he is averaging only 9.9ppg, his lowest average since his rookie year. Something to note here though, Terry's last real dip in production was his first year in Dallas in 2004. He struggled at the beginning of the year and did turn it around, let's keep our fingers crossed its just an adjustment period for The Jet.


Professor Joel
Grade: B
Given the circumstances he came into, minutes are sometimes hard to find. Considering he's been effective whenever he's been call upon, Leandro will be more useful than ever in the upcoming months.

Professor Josue
Grade: B-
Barbosa hasn't played a consistent amount of minutes but provides instant offense when his name is called upon. He isn't much of a passer so his teammates know that when he gets the ball he's going to the hoop or taking a shot. Barbosa can be a liability on defense but can also move the ball well and keep defenders on their toes because of his quickness. Without Rondo, Barbosa is now permanently in the rotation and will hopefully continue to give the Celtics that offensive spark in bunches.

Professor Dutra
Grade: B+
In limited minutes, Barbosa has impressed with his speed and ability to create his own offense. With his minutes inevitably increasing, we should get a good look at what Barbosa can still do on a nightly basis. The knock on him was his defense in the past, and that's probably why he hasn't seen a bunch of minutes so far, but he hasn't looked like a liability at all. Bottom line, guy can score and get out in front in transition, two things the Celtics desperately need.


Professor Joel
Grade: Incomplete
Him and Sully are clearly the best offensive rebounders on this team. Being an underrated low post presence will only make Doc's life easier once healthy.

Professor Josue
Grade: Incomplete
Due to his injuries, Wilcox hasn't been available enough to earn a mid-season grade. When he is back on the floor, he will grab offensive rebounds with Sullinger and fill the lanes on the fast break. Wilcox is valuable because of his ability to finish near the hoop and rebound the ball.

Professor Dutra
Grade: Incomplete
Guy brings energy when he's out there, I hope we see more of him down the stretch, he is definitely going to need to make an impact for Celtics to get the production they need from their bigs off the bench. My only question would be his chemistry with Rondo was huge, will he be able to score with no Rondo?


Professor Joel
Grade: C-
Most of this grade is based on effort. But unfortunately refs don't see it that way. Foul calls follow Jason more than flies to... well you know the rest...

Professor Josue
Grade: C
The Celtics: C+
He's a big body in the paint and defends to the best of his ability. He wasn't terrible as a starter. He helped KG defend the post but couldn't provide any offense whatsoever. When the rest of the bigs are in foul trouble, look for Collins to make fouls and clog a lane or two.

Professor Dutra
Grade: C
Nothing to see here guys. But he gets an A++++ in fouling.

Professor Joel
Grade: C+
Never mind their current record (21-23) this roster is just slightly above average in a very, very average conference at best. A six game winning streak followed by a six game losing streak, pretty much sums up the C's season up to this point. But what people don't realize is that only a few games separate the third seed from the eighth seed. The bad news that was heard around the basketball world yesterday is almost a "Catch-22" in its own right. What if Rondo had ignored the pain and discomfort and actually goes out and plays versus the Heat this past Sunday, would the rest of the team have responded the way they did? Better question: Would they have won the game after going into double overtime yet again? Do the role players play better when he's not playing? So with all things considered, this can either make this team see what they are really made of, or break this team and continue hanging out in the basement of the East. Either way, I say stay tuned, because it just got a hell of a lot more interesting. Don't you think?

Professor Dutra
Grade: C-
As a whole, I think we all expected a lot more from the C's. We've given them the benefit of the doubt a bunch of times this season, and it's now time to put up or shut up.  It's the inconsistency that has absolutely killed this team. I can't remember a team this frustrating. They lose 4 in a row out west, win the next six, lose six in a row capped off by the worst loss in recent franchise history, then beat the defending champs in a Sunday nationally televised game with out their star point guard. FRUSTRATING! The fact is they have enough talent to keep it together for a half year with or without Rondo. It is absolutely necessary for the C's to finish the regular season strong if they have any aspirations to do anything in the post season.

It's a New Day

It still seems unreal, a downright nightmare that the Celtics have to move on without their all-star point guard, Rajon Rondo for the rest of the season.

From the moment game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals ended last season, it was a sure thing that Rondo would be back the following season better than ever. Not only leading the NBA in assists but possibly leading his team to banner #18.

It's hard to put into words the number of thoughts that rushed through my mind as I'm watching the Celtics battle the Heat in a close game Sunday afternoon. In a crucial moment of the third quarter, Doris Burke of ESPN decides to throw me for a loop by informing us that Rondo had in fact torn his ACL and was done for the season.

I was mute trying to process what I heard. Suddenly, for a split second, trying to beat Miami didn't matter anymore. And all I could utter in my loudest tone was simply... "F**K!!!"

Pretty sure most of Celtics nation seconded that notion.

Meanwhile there was still a game to win. The Celtics were playing the best game of the season. As my phone was blowing up with texts from people wanting to know my reaction from this shocking news, I didn't move from my seat. Something told me this game meant more now than it did before tipoff.

We all know how the day ended. C's beat Miami in double OT and ruined the return of Judas, formally known as Jesus Shuttlesworth. Rondo impacted the day without taking the court. Paul Pierce celebrated his big shot we as fans have become accustomed to seeing at the Garden, but it was the beginning of life without Rondo once the team retreated to the locker room.

It's easy to look back and start asking yourself, what if? What if the Celtics had taken care of a 27-point lead versus the Hawks on Friday night? Rondo would not have been in the game in the fourth quarter, thus not needing to go to overtime, let alone double overtime, maybe Rondo would not have torn his ACL. Playing devil's advocate with any situation never really solves anything. The way I see it, it's the 'what ifs' that kill you the most.

Rondo was hanging out at Keyon Dooling's house Saturday night. Just as he had on any other regular day, since the two are really good friends. They were watching t.v. and according to Dooling, "Talking about life. He had mentioned in passing his leg was hurting [but it was] no big deal"

Rondo was walking around normally for more than two days thinking he had tweaked his hamstring. Little did he know, what Doc Rivers, Dr. McKeon and Jackie MacMullan to some extent, already knew, that Rondo would not be playing any more basketball this season.

I should be writing the "obituary" as Doc says most probably will, but I'm not, for the simple fact of what Doc said, just as he did last season when all seemed lost, "I still like this team."

Let's just hope Doc and Danny are on the same page.
"We've had success playing for short periods of time without Rajon," Ainge said. "It will be an interesting test for us. Not a test we wanted. And, frankly, [it's a test] I'm worried about."

Call me optimistic or simply just trying to remain positive here in 2013. But watching this team for the last six years, plus all that we have witnessed in the city of Boston over the past decade in sports, I'm saying lets just see what happens. With Doc running this study group, I like their chances come exam time.

Here are a few points that might steer this team in the right path in absence of their floor leader:

Pierce has to become this team's playmaker now. He has done this in the past, case in point: Sunday versus Miami. His shots will come but he has to run the offense, which he already feels comfortable doing.

They also will need KG and The Jet to lead this team by knocking down big shots down the stretch. They are both proven champions whom have been well tested in the playoffs throughout their careers. I'm giving Terry another chance to redeem his performance this season.

Lastly, Bradley and Lee have to become a quick transition back court that will score easy buckets. How will they do that? By doing what they do best; playing on-ball defense by turning up the perimeter pressure.

You have to figure Doc has already had much more tricks up his sleeve. We know he loves a challenge, so let the games begin.

I knew what ever happened on Sunday would either make or break this team. That is now more true than ever. Even in the wake of this darkest hour, this adversity is what will define this Celtics team once and for all.

Joel Pavón

Dooling Considers Comeback

Due to Rajon Rondo's season-ending knee injury, former teammate Keyon Dooling says he's considering coming out of retirement to help out the Celtics.

Dooling, who retired before the beginning of the season, joined the Celtics front office in October and has been working in an advisory role. But now that the Celtics are in dying need of a point guard, he has entertained thoughts of a comeback.
"I'm not in shape, but I would [consider it]," Dooling said. 

Doc Rivers said before Tuesday's practice that he has spoken with Dooling and told him to be ready for a possible return.
"He would be the closest for me if we had to go in another direction (at point guard)," Rivers said. "We have to find out if he could still do it. He knows our stuff. He's the easiest by far. He's going to (get in shape) anyway."
Rivers said the Celtics have no immediate plans to make the move at the moment.

Is Kyle Lowry on Celtics' radar?

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Celtics will look to go after Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry in light of Rondo's season-ending ACL tear.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports reported earlier this week that Lowry "hasn't made many friends in his new surroundings." This report has led to speculations that Toronto is looking to move the young point guard. If Celtics were to somehow strike a deal for Lowry it would most likely not include Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett.

However, Celtics will have to seriously think about their future in Jared Sullinger and Avery Bradley. Both players are definitely their best trading chip other than Pierce and Garnett.

Courtney Lee and Leandro Barbosa are both expendable guards for the Celtics but Danny Ainge's phone isn't necessarily ringing off the hook for their services.

Lowry is averaging 13.5 points, 5.8 assists, 4.5 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game for Toronto this season.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Celtics 100 - Heat 98 (2 OT): Pierce's triple-double leads short-handed Celtics past Heat

Paul Pierce hit a game winning jumper with 30 seconds remaining in a double overtime thriller to propel his team against Miami, snapping a six-game losing streak.

Pierce earned a triple-double with 17 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. Kevin Garnett scored a team high 24 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. It was Celtics' second straight overtime game.

LeBron James scored a game-high 34 points and forced overtime with a clutch 3-pointer in regulation. Ray Allen scored 21 points off the bench in his first return to Boston since signing with Miami as a free agent over the summer.

Allen received a standing ovation when highlights of his career with the Celtics were shown on the big screen above center court during the first timeout of the first quarter. He waved his hand to the crowd just before the timeout ended while fans stood on their feet.
"When I saw it, just all those emotions came streaming back from all the great things we did here," Allen said. "I'll always be a Celtics in my mind."
Allen eventually entered the game, and was booed.

News of Rajon Rondo's season-ending injury ruined the celebration in the Celtics locker room.

Rondo, who was scratched out of the lineup less than a half hour before the game, learned that he had torn the ACL of his right knee and would miss the remainder of the season. Coach Rivers broke the news to his team in the locker room just moments after the win.
"Everyone was really happy for the win," Pierce said. "It brought a dark cloud in this room when you heard the news."
Celtics' coaching staff learned about Rondo's status during halftime after an MRI was confirmed. While the public knew of Rondo's condition in the third quarter, the Celtics players didn't. Rondo returned to the arena and watched the game from behind the Celtics bench in the third quarter.

Without their starting point guard, the Celtics knocked off the Heat by playing tough defense and got a lift from their bench. Jason Terry, who finished the game with 13 points, came in handy when he scored a clutch running-layup after James' three-point play gave the Heat their lead. Terry cut Heat's three-point lead down to one with less than a minute before Celtics made a key stop to set up Pierce's game-winning shot over James.

Although his team will be without Rondo for the rest of the season, coach Rivers remains positive about the second half of the season.
"You can write the obituary. I'm not," coach Rivers said. "We won tonight, so, the way I look at it is, we're going to stay in there."
Celtics' next game is Wednesday night at TD Garden when they take on the Sacramento Kings.


Jeff Green showed up to play in the biggest game of the season. The box score doesn't do him justice because great one-on-one defense isn't exactly a statistical category in NBA, but forcing LeBron James to take jump shots as well as he did was what kept the Celtics alive. He also scored 11 points, hit a big 3 pointer in the fourth quarter to cut Miami's lead to one and dunked on Chris Bosh very badly; which never gets old... Barbosa clocked in a season high 30 minutes and played a crucial role in overtime. While Celtics' offense began to look fatigued, stagnant, and couldn't move the ball effectively against Miami's defense, Barbosa entered the game and prevented Miami's trap at the top of the key. He finished with nine points, four assists and one steal. With Rondo out for the season, Celtics need Barbosa and Lee to step up and play big minutes in the back court.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thoughts from a Broken Celtics Fan

In what is beginning to turn into the Celtics season from hell, check off blowing a 27 point lead off the bucket list for the 2012-13 season.

I was going to write a up a review for this game but as a Celtics fan, I am literally in shock from what I just witnessed. So, I'm going to vent, not only about the game but about this atrocity of a half season for this Celtics team so far this year.

I'll start with tonight's game against the Hawks. What the hell happened? These are the same pushovers that the C's rallied back from 19 points down to beat only a month ago. Actually, they are minus their best guard Lou Williams, who absolutely killed them in the first game. The Celtics have absolutely dominated the Hawks over the years.

Bottom line is any time you play the Hawks, there is no excuse to lose the game. I understand they may have a better record than the Celtics, but c'mon they are the friggen Atlanta Hawks. If Josh Smith were to wager on the game tonight, I am positive he would have Pete Rose'd the shit out of it and picked the Celtics. He may be a moron on the court, but he knows a sure bet when he sees one.

So cut to the middle of the second quarter. The Celtics are enjoying a wonderful 27 point lead and decide to start doing whatever the hell they want. They settled for long jumpers, decided to let down their guard defensively and showed a total lack of killer instinct.

Lets make one thing clear, blowing a lead that big is absolutely unacceptable, but stranger things have happened on a basketball court. I could see if it was Kobe going off, or Lebron taking over, or Durant doing his best MJ impression and single handeldy dragging his team from looming doom and disaster. But no, who do the Celtics allow to look like the second freaking coming of Larry f'-in Bird? Kyle "I swear I actually have teeth not just a mouth guard glued to my gums" Korver.

Seriously, Kyle "I secretly like when people say I look like Ashton Kutcher because he's a dreamboat" Korver had 27 points and put the Celtics to shame tonight.

They should be ashamed of themselves after this debacle of a game and a debacle of a season. The other day when Doc said he may have to make some changes and send some people packing, I thought it was a little harsh, but tonight I totally understand why he would feel that way.

In my eyes there are three people that you do not trade and everyone else is expendable and there are a few I would help pack their bags for them.

You can't trade Paul Pierce. Legacy alone he's earned the right to stay and retire a Celtic. It may be time to examine his role on the team soon but he has to stay. Also you don't trade Avery Bradley or Jared Sullinger. They are young and both have potential to be building blocks to the next generation of Celticis basketball.


If you can find the right deal for KG and Rondo right now, as tough as it would be to watch them go you'd have to pull the trigger. And don' t even get me started with Jeff Green, Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. If someone is willing to take one of them for a big man it's an automatic deal in my mind.

Then there is Brandon "which way did he go George?" Bass. Talk about an overpaid bust. Everyone was in shock that we got a player like him for the headache of Big Baby last season, (including me) but now he is the biggest underachiever on the team. This is another bone head signing by Ainge. Last year, Bass had a decent year and was actually one of your most consistent players on the court, not spectacular but steady. Then he had that one friggen game against the 76ers in the playoffs and he's worth more than 6 mil per year? You know what he's done with all that cash? Instead of working on his game this summer he actually hired somebody to replace his eyeballs with slow motion cameras so that now everything around him is moving at the same pace he is. Seriously, Kendrick Perkins release looks like Ray Allen's compared to Bass' slow ass shot. There's a fun game I like to play when Bass gets the ball at the elbow (because you know he's gonna shoot every single time from there), it's called see how many beers you can drink before he releases the basketball? My record is 8 beers in the time it took him to shoot. The worst part about the guy is that last year he was automatic from that friggen spot, this year he's shooting awfully from the elbow. No sorry, the actual worst part is if he can't do that he's useless because lord knows he can't grab a friggen rebound.

Enough on Bass because the best thing about him blowing the big on this year is we get to see more Sullinger on the floor.

As I take a deep breathe and try to collect my thoughts, it is dawning on me that this could be the worst Celtics season that I have ever endured. People may want to point to the 07 season, where the C's were the laughing stock of the league, but I would take that over what we are witnessing now.

That 06-07 team was filled with 20 something's just trying to make a name for themselves in the NBA and you knew it wasn't going to be easy heading into every game. Yet they still showed up and played hard and when they won it was a great feeling. (Until the last month of the season when it was clear they were tanking to try to get Oden or Durant, but let's leave that out for the sake of argument)

The problem with this team is that they think it's easy. This Celtics team takes nights off, plays off, and it seems like weeks off. The worst part about it is they have so much talent. That's what kills every Celtic fan out there that feels betrayed by the lack of effort they see nightly. They should be so much better but just aren't.

Not sure what's next on the horizon for this team but. If this season continues on like this it could be the sign of a very very very long year.

I'm going to go put a Brandon Bass jumpshot and watch it in super slow mo and see if I can put a whole 30 down...It's that kind of night for me and season for the C's.

Sean Dutra
Get at me on twitter @seandutra

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pistons 103 - Celtics 88: Celtics lose third consecutive, Doc calls out his team

Celtics struggled to find their offense as they loss their third consecutive game to the Detriot Pistons.

Celtics never led.

Pistons' rookie Andre Drummond led his team with 16 points and was one of six Pistons to score in double-digits.

Detriot, fresh off their game in London against the Knicks on Thursday, showed no signs of jet lag against the Celtics.

"We are playing awful and I'm clearly not doing my job for this team and I'm serious," coach Rivers said. "I am not trying to take a bullet for the team and I told them that. I said we have to find something where all 12 guys play the same way."
After blowing an 18-point lead in the second quarter, the Pistons took control in the second half. Pistons beat the Celtics solely with their offense by shooting 47 percent from the the field. Despite their 21 turnovers, their starters combined for 63 points. Celtics' starting lineup combined for only 30.

Kevin Garnett and Courtney Lee led in scoring, they both had 16 points a piece. Jeff Green chipped in with 15 off the bench and Rajon Rondo dished out 15 assists but also had nine turnovers to go with it.
"I don't think we have the commitment to be a good team," Rivers said. "This team wants everything easy, they want the easy way out. They want to win easy but the only way you're going to win easy is if you play hard. We're taking the wrong approach. I've either got to find the right combination, the right guys, or we're going to have to get some guys out of here"
 It's great to see Doc show his frustration. Unfortunately, it's going to take Doc calling his players out if the Celtics want to remain competitive in the east. In the past, we've seen good results after Doc calls his players out but this is the first time we've seen him talk about getting rid of players.

It's no secret Danny Ainge has been seeking a deal. Time will tell what kind of move the Celtics make but either way- don't expect to see this same team after the trade deadline.

The upcoming schedule will be tough. Celtics will travel to Cleveland tomorrow night to play the Cavs, then host two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference; New York and Miami on Thursday and Sunday.


Doc is right, and he's tried every combination he could think of with this current roster. If role players cannot contribute when Pierce is cold then this is the team we're going to continue to see, reminds me a lot of last year's roster, which was a team with a lot less talent than this year's roster... Paul Pierce continues to struggle offensively. After his red hot start throughout November and December, Pierce continues his cold streak by scoring only 10 points last night. His slump may cost him a spot in this year's All-Star game... Last night, Jason Terry scored as many points as the number on his uniform.

Josue Pavon

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bulls 100 - Celtics 99: Belinelli hits Game-Winner in OT, knocks off Celtics

Marco Belinelli took an off-balance fadeaway jumper with three seconds left in overtime to give the Bulls a victory over the Celtics, in what was a thriller at TD Garden last night.

After a Rajon Rondo jumper with less than 40 seconds remaining in the fourth, the Celtics regained the lead, 86-84. Soon after, the Celtics gained an 88-86 lead, the Bulls won a jump-ball between Paul Pierce and Joakim Noah which set up a Kirk Hinrich jumper that sent the game into overtime.

In overtime, Jason Terry hit a jumper with 12 seconds left that gave the Celtics a 99-98 lead.

In what appeared to be a broken up play, Bulls' Carlos Boozer gave a pass inside to Belinelli for a falling-down-while-I-shoot game winning fadeaway.
"That's natural." Belinelli said. "I know it's a crazy shot, the fallaway. The ball went in."
Boozer had 19 points and 20 rebounds, and Noah finished with 14 points and 13 boards. Bulls won their 14th straight road game on a Friday. They haven't lost on the road on a Friday since April 2011.

Celtics trailed the Bulls all night but earned their first lead with less than five minutes left in the fourth quarter. Rondo was on fire. He scored all of his 30 points in regulation and had nine in the fourth. He led the Celtics' fourth quarter serge.

Rondo dished out seven assists to go with his 30 points, and Garnett had 16 points and seven rebounds.
"We had the game in our hands a couple of times and it just slipped through our fingers both times," Pierce said. "Just the little things. It just goes to show you that the little things can prove costly in this league if you are not on point throughout the whole game. They beat us tonight."
Celtics kept the game close because of their tough defense in the post. Dealing with Noah and Boozer in the paint was a challenge the last time the Celtics played the Bulls. But this time at TD Garden, the defense forced 21 Chicago turnovers.

In the fourth quarter the Celtics had the stops they needed to put the Bulls away for good but couldn't put together a run to knock them out. Pierce and Terry missed their shots in the final minute and things got tougher in overtime after Rondo leaped for a loose ball but committed in his sixth foul in the process.

The offense has been in a slump in the past two games but what has been keeping the Celtics in close games is the defense and their rebounding. It's continuing to improve even without Avery Bradley, who sat out of last night game due to sore ribs.

Celtics play again Sunday night in Detroit against the Pistons.


Jared Sullinger continues to have big games for the Celtics. His 15 rebounds is what kept him in the game throughout the overtime. He gave the Celtics extra possessions and did a good job pissing off Boozer... It was great to see Barbosa getting extra minutes. Even though it was because Bradley was out, he replaced him in the starting lineup and finished with five points, three rebounds and one steal in 15 minutes... It was great to see Terry hit a big shot with less than 20 seconds left in the game, it's what he's suppose to do, especially in games where Pierce can't get it going. Don't get me wrong though, nine points in 27 minutes still isn't going to cut it. And Rondo isn't going to score 30 every night. It's a no-brainer that role players have to come to play in order for this team to be successful. Oh and speaking of role players, did Jeff Green play last night?

Josue Pavon

Friday, January 18, 2013

Celtics keeping an eye on Greg Oden

During his weekly conversation with WEEI 93.7FM, president of basketball operations, Danny Ainge, confirmed that he is "monitoring" former Portland Trail Blazer center Greg Oden, but hasn't made an attempt to sign him.

A report from CBS Sports on Thursday, listed the Celtics as one of several teams that have been looking at Oden since he's decided to make an NBA comeback.

"Yeah, so we're monitoring Greg, like all the NBA teams are, but we have no attempted to sign him," Ainge said. "But we are monitoring him and having (conversations) with his people just to see where he's at."
Oden, 24, has already undergone three microfracture surgeries during his NBA career. He hasn't played in an NBA game since 2009, and would most likely be unavailable for the Celtics until the beginning of next season.
"I don't think (he'd be ready to play this year)," Ainge said. "I don't know any of that for sure, but I would suspect that anybody that would sign him would have their eyes looking more towards his contribution in the future than now."
Although Oden's career in the NBA has been brief, Ainge has enjoyed the talent he has seen in the young big man.
"I think there's been stretches, very few stretches, where he's played excellent ball," Ainge said. "He's been a terrific defender and a fantastic offensive rebounder and just a real big, strong presence on the inside. I think that he's been that."
The Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks are the other teams rumored to be interested in Oden. He's played 82 games throughout his career averaging 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks in 22.1 minutes per game.

Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo named All-Star starters

Celtics Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo have earned spots in this year's NBA All-Star Game and will take the floor alongside rivals Heat stars LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.

Garnett ties Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal for second place all-time with 15 All-Star appearances. It will be the fourth All-Star appearance for Rondo, though his first as a starter.

This season, Rondo has been averaging 13 points, an NBA-leading 11.2 assists, and 5.1 rebounds a game. He also has three triple-doubles this season.

Garnett, who didn't make the cut last year, has been averaging 14.6 points and seven rebounds a game this season. He beat out Miami's Chris Bosh by 25,208 votes.

Kobe Bryant led the league in All-Star votes with 1,591,437 and earned an NBA-record of 15 consecutive starting spots in an NBA All-Star Game. Kobe will take the floor with his teammate Dwight Howard, Clippers duo Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant.

The All-Star reserves will be announced next Thursday.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hornets 90 - Celtics 78: Hornets snap winning streak

In a surprising defeat, the Hornets ended Celtics' winning streak at six games at TD Garden last night as the Celtics came out flat offensively in the second half and loss to a team with only a dozen wins this season.

Greivis Vasquez led his Hornets with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Al-Farouq Aminu, who has been inconsistent for New Orleans this season, scored 18 and Robin Lopez chipped in with 17 points.

Kevin Garnett outscored his teammates with 15 points but only grabbed four rebounds. Paul Pierce out rebounded his teammates with 10 but only scored 12 points. Celtics couldn't find consistency throughout the second half. While looking like they were one run away from tying the game up, the clock ran out and the Hornets maintained their double-digit lead for most of the fourth quarter.
"We weren't making shots," Bradley said. "And we can't let that affect our play and energy."
Although no one on the Celtics could get going offensively, the defense was lackluster against New Orleans. The Hornets couldn't get many three pointers to fall but did take a lot of them. Hornets were 2-for-17 from behind the arc but scored many of their points in the paint.

Celtics took the Hornets lightly. And when they need Pierce to get it going offensively, he couldn't. And neither could anyone else.
"It's a good lesson," coach Rivers said.
Rivers, who was coaching against his son, rookie Austin Rivers, said it wasn't the most pleasant experience he's had.

"It's just a strange dynamic. I didn't enjoy it, honestly," coach Rivers said. "I know it's neat for everyone else but, as a father, I don't know if I enjoyed that"
Austin Rivers, who has been struggling this season and lost his starting job, scored eight points off the bench in 22 minutes. He spoke to his father briefly before the game but didn't talk much during the game. The two embraced afterwards.
"He just told me to compete. And that he loved me," Austin Rivers said. 
Coach Rivers is the fourth coach to face his son in an NBA game. He joins Butch van Brenda Kolff, Mike Dunleavy and George Karl.

Celtics continue their home stand Friday night against the Chicago Bulls.


Jason Terry led the bench in scoring with 12 points. After not scoring a single point in the previous game it was nice to see Terry give the team something. Terry's disappointing season continues. His role as an instant offense sixth man has let Celtics fans down, and it's games like these where the Celtics could use an offensive lift from The Jet. Terry played 24 minutes last night. While Barbosa, who has struggled to get himself into the rotation this season, scored seven points in less than three minutes. It wouldn't bother me to see Terry's minutes decrease. Maybe it will spark a fire under him, because nothing else seems to be working for Jason.

Josue Pavon

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sully,Bradley & Co. Key in Celts Six Game Winning Streak

We all know what happened with the Celtics in the lock-out shortened season of a year ago.  It was an ugly start to the season and the Celtics were limping into the All Star Break at 15-17. There were rumors of blowing up the nucleus and trading away Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and even testing the waters on Rajon Rondo.

Led by the rejuvenation of Kevin Garnett and his move to the center spot, the Celtics racked off a 24-10  record to end the season and secure the 4th spot in the East. Now we wont go into how it ended for the Celtics against the Heat, but everyone wrote them off as a one and done midway through the season. If a few calls went there way in Game 2 in the Eastern Conference Finals we could have been able to blame their slow start this year on a Championship Hangover.

However, it was strange to see the Celtics get off to such a slow start after upgrading what seemed to be their biggest weakness in last years post season. They added to their bench a slew of veterans, athletes, and rookies to improve on what was an abysmal group from a year ago. The expectations were high and it was a virtual lock for the C's to come out the gate hungry and determined to avenge their loss to the Heat in the ECF in a new, full, NBA season.

The slow start killed any momentum they had going into the season. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, the backbone of the Celtics, looked old and slow. Rajon Rondo showed flashes of dominance but seemed to be disinterested in some games and was worried more about his stats, rather than wins. Jason Terry, Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, and Brandon Bass were all underwhelming, inconstant, and in some games down right invisible.

They looked like a pretender of a team on their west coast trip after Christmas. The stunning loss to Sacramento was a microcosm of their season up to that point. They played down to their competition, got out hustled, out rebounded, and flat out beat up in that game.

So what is behind the recent resurgence of the Celtics? It's not Garnett finding the fountain of youth, like he did a year ago. It's not Paul Pierce scoring 30 ppg, like we've seen him do in stretches this year. It's not Rondo dishing out double digit assists. It's the insertion of two unsung heroes that have truly led the Celtics season revolution.

The C's were in need of something or someone to come save the season. Avery Bradley returned doing his best Batman impression and along with Jared Sullinger's  Robin-esque emergence rescued the C's  'Gotham-like season'.

Corny Batman references aside there is no denying the effect that Bradley and Sullinger have immediately made on the Celtics.

It's hard to believe that Bradley who has only played about 20 minutes a game is the main reason for the turnaround, but there is no denying to overall affect he has had on the Celtics as a whole. His return to the starting lineup is allowing Doc to solidify the roles  for his bench. As Terry, Green, Lee, and even Leandro Barbosa, now know what they can expect on a nightly basis, their games have drastically improved.

The obvious impact Bradley has made on the Celtics is on the defensive end. His intensity guarding the opposing teams ball handler, and making them work the entire length of the floor is beneficial for the Celtics in multiple facets of the game.

It forces the opposition to rush their sets and force the ball into spaces they may not want to get in due to only having about 14-16 seconds to get a shot up by the time they get the ball over half court. Also his full court pressure allows Rondo to settle in his most effective defensive role as an off ball defender and get into the passing lanes.

Take a look at the defensive stats in the Celtics 6  game winning streak. It's impressive to think how much they have improved defensively since the streak began.

Pacers 75 ponts, 18 TO, -2 rebound advantage
Hawks, 81 pts, 18 TO,  -8 rebound advantage
Knicks, 96 pts, 13 TO,  +6 rebound advantage
Suns, 79 pts, 16 TO, +5 rebound advantage
Rockets 81 pts, 14 TO, -5 rebound advantage
Bobcats. 89 pts, 13 TO,  -8 rebound advantage

They are only allowing opponents only 83.5 ppg, well under their season average 95.9 ppg given up. The most alarming stat here is the rebounding advantage they have enjoyed over the past 4 of 6 games. It has been the Celtics biggest weakness during this season and last, where it seemed like they would win despite always getting out rebounded by their opponent. This is where Jared Sullinger shows just how important he is for this teams success going forward.

Sully has adapted to the NBA a lot quicker than many have thought he would after falling into the Celtics lap on draft day. He is showing his ability to be in position constantly for the rebound on both ends of the floor. It will be something to watch once he stops picking up pesky fouls,which is limiting his time on the floor, and see him play more minutes and not worry about foul trouble. He is glad to do the dirty work in the paint and it is that type of toughness the Celtics have been lacking.

I'm not giving all the credit to Bradley and Sullinger for the 6 game winning streak but it is important to note how huge it is for the Celtics to get big performances from these two gritty players. They do the things that most professional ballers shy away from. They are not in it for the stats or records, just to insert themselves into the game and truly make a difference on the outcome of the game.

Also you cannot ignore the ability for the entire second unit to come into the game, give the starters a rest and not only keep a lead but extend it. Jeff Green has finally been more that just a dunker, and has consistently looked like a offensive threat game in and game out. He is now a full year away from his heart surgery, and hopefully continue to prove the enormous contract given to him this year.

Courtney Lee has shown flashes of being a solid contributor on both ends. He is even starting to hit that corner three that he was brought in to make, and really struggled with in the beginning of the season. When he and Bradley are on the court together, he is able to use his athleticism on the defensive end and team up with Bradley to cause fits for the opposition. Lee is feeding off Bradley's work ethic on the offensive end too, as he now is moving and cutting with out the ball and is finding himself on the opposite end of a Rondo assist.

As much as the NBA is talked about as a star driven lead, it is the role players and team mentality that have gotten the Celtics to turn the corner. It will be pivotal moving forward for the Celtics to not let their guard down as they will need to improve their playoff positioning to have a chance to get back to where they were less than a year ago.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Celtics 100 - Bobcats 89: Rondo drops Triple-Double as Celtics cruise by Bobcats

Rajon Rondo posted his third triple-double of the season as he led the Celtics to a 100-89 win over the Bobcats last night at the Garden for their sixth consecutive victory.

Rondo scored 17 points with 12 assists and 10 rebounds in his 26th career triple-double. Celtics started the game with a 13-2 run against the Bobcats and ended the half with an 11-point lead.

Although the Bobcats were able to tie the game in the third quarter, the Celtics responded with a 7-0 run and never trailed during the game.

"It's not fun losing. Since we've been winning the locker room is a little bit more relaxed, guys aren't as tense," Rondo said. "We lost a couple of games and we never got down. When we play, we play loose. We have smiles on the court again since we've been winning."

Paul Pierce chipped in with 19 points and Avery Bradley added 16 for the Celtics. Kevin Garnett was ice cold throughout the game but helped his team defensively and grabbed 10 rebounds.

Hakim Warrick and Ramon Sessions led the Bobcats in scoring with 16 a piece. They were two of six players who scored double-digits for their team.
"Every coach I talk to about (the Bobcats) say the same thing: 'They just keep playing,'" coach Rivers said. "It's hard to do but it's nice to see."
Down the stretch, Celtics made great stops against the Bobcats and took care of the basketball. One thing about that has been impressive throughout their six-game winning streak is how they've taken care of the ball. Celtics committed only 14 turnovers last night.

Celtics will host the New Orleans Hornets Wednesday night, where they hope to stretch their current winning streak to seven games.


If Garnett scored only 7 points in a game one month ago, that usually resulted in a Celtics loss. Bradley stepped up big last night offensively. He knocked down four three-pointers and reminded his opponents that he can get going quickly when left wide open... Garnett, who needed 13 points to tie Patrick Ewing for 16th on the NBA's career scoring list is now six points away. It'll be great to see Garnett reach a historic milestone Wednesday night at The Garden.

Josue Pavon

Friday, January 11, 2013

Celtics 87 - Suns 79 : Bench Leads the Way in Blowout

Other than one blip at the beginning of the third quarter, the Celtics dominated the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night.
Led by Jeff Green, Jason Terry, and Jared Sullinger,  the Celtics bench came up huge. Boston's starters were able to enjoy the view from the sidelines as the back ups guided the Celtics to victory.
Green had 14 points including a back to back jam session in the third quarter. He looked confident and was showing flashes of the Jeff Green we saw in the preseason. This was a welcome sign for the fans at the Garden last night. There was a buzz every time he had the ball, as everyone was in waiting for another spectacular play. What made it better for Jeff was it all happened on the one year anniversary of his open heart surgery that he still bears a large scar on his chest to remind him about it everyday.
"I can't put it into words. I mean, it's a wonderful day," said Green, who missed all of last season. "I reflect a lot on what I've been through and it's just a blessing and I'm glad I'm here."
 Jason Terry was hot from the outside and also showed his promising mid range game that had the Celtics excited about his arrival in the off season. He put up thirteen points while also grabbing five boards and dished out 5 assists.

The star of the night was rookie Jared Sullinger. He put up his best game of the season with 12 points and 16 rebounds. He was a pain to deal with in the paint and seems to be gelling with the reserves and taking the scrappy undersized forward to heart. He was up against Marcin Gortat, which has been a name thrown around in trade rumors, and really shut down the Suns big man in the second half.

It was a game that the Celtics should have won, and win handidly against a weak Suns team. Yet its been consitency they having been searching for all year and no let downs, and they may be showing signs. They were able to win their 4th straight, get back over .500 and give the veterans a rest.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett played under 30 minutes each. Rondo was even able to rest playing only 31 mins.  Leaving the Suns on the plane out of Boston, knowing they were outplayed by the Celtics backups, Coach Alvin Gentry had this to say: "I think it would be a little bit easier to swallow if it would have been Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett. At the end of the day it was their bench that really hurt us the most."

The Rockets are on deck for the Celtics as they look for their fifth straight victory. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rivers talks KG/Melo Feud and Rondo suspension

Doc Rivers made his weekly appearance on WEEI 93.7 sports radio's Dennis & Callahan Show Thursday morning, and spoke about this week's controversy surrounding Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo.

Rondo was suspended for making contact with official Rodney Mott in the third quarter of last Saturday's game against the Atlanta Hawks. Rivers was asked if he thought the NBA was in the right for suspending the point guard hours before his big game against the New York Knicks.
"He did something wrong, but he didn't do enough to get suspended would be a better way of putting it," Rivers said. "When you walk up on a ref you put yourself in a position to get a technical or be suspended. Now, you could see when you watch it, the official was walking towards him as he was walking toward the official. They just kind of ran into each other, it wasn't as if Rondo bumped him."
Hawks general manager Danny Ferry gave the video of the bump to the officials following the game. The officials then sent the video to the NBA. Upon review, Rondo was suspended Monday afternoon. Rivers commented on Ferry's actions.
"I don't like it," Rivers said. "I just don't like it, especially in a game like that, it wasn't the reason they lost. To me, it's sour grapes and I don't like that."
Danny Ferry was fined $15,000 by the NBA, for what their calling "inappropriate interaction with game officials."

Great to see Doc pretty much call Ferry a hater without literally calling him a hater. As Rivers said after the Knicks game regarding Garnett and Anthony, "If this were the playoffs, I would say something." In other words, I'm not going to say or do something that isn't beneficial to my team.

Hey Ferry, you got Rondo suspended, great but how does this effect your team, again? It's not like the Celtics are beating the Hawks in yet another playoff series all over again. It's obvious Ferry isn't a big fan of Rondo. Especially since the last time Rondo was suspended for making contact with an official, it also took place in Atlanta so maybe he thought to himself if it happened once it can happen again. The NBA then gives Ferry a $15,000 snitching fee. Ha, you gotta love it.

As for Monday's post-game encounter between Garnett and Anthony at Madison Square Garden, Rivers was quick to deny the report regarding Anthony's wife, La La Vazquez and a certain General Mills cereal.
"I know what's being reported did not happen. I know that as a fact," Rivers said. "You know how this works, a guy does something crazy like Carmelo did, and the way to get out of trouble is to say someone else said this. It happens all the time. And what bugs me about this is that this is not a Kevin Garnett issue. And it was made into one and it shouldn't have been made into one."
The NBA announced yesterday, that Carmelo Anthony has been suspended for one game for his actions on Monday. Knicks will be without Anthony Friday night when they take on the Indiana Pacers.

Josue Pavon

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Celtics 102 - Knicks 96: KG, Melo Battle in Celtics win over Knicks

Celtics bullied the Knicks, without their point guard Rondo, into playing their style of basketball at Madison Square Garden, while Kevin Garnett got the best out of Carmelo Anthony on and off the court.

After Celtics' 102-96 win, Carmelo Anthony went over to the Celtics locker room and began shouting and screaming towards the Celtics. He later went over to the Celtics bus and confronted Garnett in bowels of Madison Square Garden.
"It was like being in the schoolyard," said one witness to the incident. 
MSG Network reported the incident, in which security and New York City Police officials had to send Anthony back in the right direction. The two were going back and fourth with each other throughout the game and were handed double technical fouls.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce picked up the scoring for much of the second half and into the fourth quarter. Pierce finished with 23 points, and Garnett had himself a double-double with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Pierce, who got into foul trouble in the third quarter, scored eight in the last ten minutes of the fourth quarter.

Anthony scored 20 points for the Knicks but shot 6-for-26 from the field. It was his worst shooting performance of the season. He struggled to score in the final minutes of the game and so did the rest of his teammates. J.R. Smith led the game in scoring with 24 points.

Anthony left Madison Square Garden without talking to reporters and the Knicks wouldn't comment on the incident. Coach Rivers chose not to comment but didn't deny that the incident took place.

"I'm going to let you all figure that one out. I'm going to stay out of that," Rivers said. "If it was the playoffs I'd tell on him, but since it's not I'm going to just be quiet."

Sounds like coach might have been taking a shot at Danny Ferry's snitching on Rondo by handing over a video of Rondo's brush with an official that got him suspended for Monday's game against the Knicks.

When asked about the altercation, Garnett downplayed the incident.
"No, no man. Just basketball. Just basketball," Garnett said. 
Knicks led throughout most of the first half but the Celtics never let the score get out of hand. The Rondo-less Celtics applied tenacious ball pressure to the Knicks point guards, Jason Kidd and Pablo Prigioni.

They forced Knicks' trigger happy shooters Anthony and Smith to take jump shots. They successfully scored a handful of points in the first half, but that couldn't carry it over into the second. By the time Pierce and Garnett were on a roll, Knicks couldn't score a bucket.
"Defense wins games," Bradley said after the win. "Defense wins games."
Celtics' three-game winning streak marks the most consecutive wins for the C's this season. Next game will be at home, Wednesday night when they take on the Phoenix Suns.


Beating the Division leading Knicks was huge because it sends a message; don't count us out. Celtics beating New York on their floor without Rondo proves that this team has taken big strides since their four-game losing streak last week. Bradley has some to do with it but I see a big change in the attitude of the bench. Jared Sullinger continues to improve as he scored 10 points and grabbed five rebounds. But it isn't the things that show up in stat sheet that's raising my eyebrows, it's his physical play that's making him better. He's becoming tougher against his opponents. Whether it's on the offensive end or defensive end, Sullinger finds a way to get involved... Jeff Green led the bench last night and filled up the stat sheet with 16 points, six rebounds and three assists. Maybe all it took for the young fella to buckle down and focus was hearing his name tossed in recent trade rumors.

Josue Pavon