Friday, August 17, 2012

Doc Rivers A Favorite For Olympic Head Coaching Job

After a successful run in their year's Summer Olympic games, coach Mike Kzryzewski has decided to step down as head coach following this year's gold medal finish. Celtics' coach Doc Rivers is rumored to be the favorite to replace Coach K but has stated in the past that winning an NBA title is more important to him than winning a gold medal.

While commentating the Olympics, Rivers talked about how he wants to only have his focus on the Celtics. Ideally, Rivers is the best candidate for the job. He's built a reputation for himself as a coach that a lot of players in the league respect. If there's one coach who can handle egos of the NBA's elite, it's Doc Rivers. But I don't think he's that excited to coach the likes of Lebron James and company. It's not a challenge for Doc. But if he was offered the job, I think it would be tough for him to say no. He stated recently that he thinks Doug Collins would the best candidate.

"And there's a reason," Rivers said. " '72."

Collins was on Team USA in 1972 when a controversial ending robbed USA in the gold medal game. USA refused to accept their silver medals due to the controversy and haven't accepted them to this day.

Doc could one day become the coach of Team USA, but not anytime soon. I think Doc enjoys the connection he has with his players and is so focused on his task of another NBA title that he doesn't want anything to come in a the way of that focus. The chase of another NBA title for the Celtics is the only thing keeping him around in the league and I don't see him stopping anytime soon. He's that committed.

Josue Pavon

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dwight Howard & the Top Five Jackasses in the NBA

News broke of the Dwight Howard to the Lakers deal Thursday and I couldn't help but shake my head. (Oh, I mean smh... ill get up with it soon.) Seriously though, head down just depressed for a number of reasons.

It is just the case of another overpaid, immature, overgrown boy pouting his way out of a situation where he is asked to grow up. Instead he decides to take the easy way out to go hang out with his friends and eat cupcakes.Dwight Howard is an ass.If it wasn't bad enough he didn't want to play for the team who drafted him, or play in front of fans that absolutely idolized him, or sign an extension for millions more than anyone else could sign him for, Howard made one bad decision after another. He decided to get his coach, GM, and probably the locker room attendant fired because he looked at him the wrong way and refused to pick out the orange Starburst from the pack before leaving it in his locker. But not only get them all fired, he acted like he was friends and on their side only to make his agent relay all of his demands to the Magic ownership. JACK-ASS. Now that I've got that off my chest, the Dwight Howard saga is over. Finally. Why am I so ticked off about this though? Douchebags make up 25 percent of the league, its nothing new. Many of them are the elite and love to wear glasses with no lenses at their press conferences. Howard is right now the Douchey Flavor of the Month but lets take a look around the league to figure out the Top Five Jackasses! Wooooo Hoooo. Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly introduce the #5 Jackass in the NBA....

#5 Jermaine O'Neal: 

Ahh, Gentle Jermaine. When talking about an overpaid premadonna, Jermaine O'Neal's name must be brought up. Known best for his actions in the "Malice in the Palace" when he nearly killed a man with a wound up sucker punch, his game has quickly diminished from an All-Star Power Forward to an injury prone excuse maker, who somehow gets paid to show his face. After a shockingly fast fall from grace, he was with the Miami Heat the 2010 season and was making....wait for it.....$23,016,000 that one year. Yes, you heard it right, he was making 23 MILLION DOLLARS that season. If you remember correctly that was the same season that he looked like a rotting corpse in the first round of the NBA Playoffs against the Boston Celtics. 
So, naturally O'Neal joined the Celtics the season after signing a two year 12 million dollar contract. What a freaking waste of money. O'Neal played in only 49 games over the two years and when the Celtics needed him the most in 2011 after Perkins was traded and Shaq was injured, they looked to him, and naturally; he cowered.
This is what gets me though.  Not only does he know he's a bust but when the rejuvenated   Celtics squad were making their playoff push in 2012, O'Neal asked to be released so he can join a championship contender. Are you freaking kidding me! Jermaine O'Neal, who couldn't get his ass in shape to even get on the court decides he is too good for Boston. WHAT AN ASS. Then after all that, after all the money he stole, and all the games he missed, and all the people he disappointed over the last 5 years of his career, this off season he has the audacity to say and I quote:

"I want to join a team for the veterans minimum because winning a championship is the only goal."

You son of a bitch. How dare you. Go Rot in Phoenix playing third string center behind Gortat and Scola. God hates you and so does Boston.

Yes, that was very personal. Now onto the rest of the list.  Who's Number Four? your bets now.

#4 Dwayne Wade

It's really hard to hate a guy who has won two NBA Championships, been on the same team his entire career, and has never really had any off court issues. However I'm going to do it. 
Dwayne Wade to me falls into the category of people that i just want to punch in the face continuously. He's just got that look on his face that seems smug and screams "I'm better than you at everything" He takes that attitude on the court as well, as he has developed a reputation for being one of the dirtiest players in the league.

Now for the real proof of why he makes it to #4 on my Top 5 Jackasses in the NBA, please take a few minutes and LOOK AT WHAT THE HELL THIS GUY IS WEARING!

#3 Dwight Howard

Just look at the picture at the top of the article. Jeeez.

#2  Lebron James  

I don't care that everyone is now giving James a pass because he won the NBA Title. James will always be the Most Douchey Player in the league. From the Decision to "Not one, Not two, Not three..." he is an absolute clueless human being.
He is under the impression that if he wins championships people will all of a sudden forget about the epic playoff failures he had for his first 8 years in the league. Or that winning three championships will make people forget the painful ONE HOUR SPECIAL AIRED IN PRIME TIME ABOUT WHERE YOUR GOING TO PLAY BASKETBALL. Guess what Lebron, you can do absolutely nothing on the basketball court to make up for those actions. Guy just pisses me off, if only he wasn't ridiculously good I'd have a lot more justifiable firepower to come at him with. 

Anyways on to the Number One Jackass in the NBA.

Drum roll please....

#1 David Stern

Who else would top this list. The little sniveling prick himself, David Stern everyone. 
For some reason, since the lockout was over David Stern has seemingly taken on the role of the Mafia Boss running the NBA. Nothing made me more proud than this on draft night though.

However, Stern wallows in the boos. I have never seen anyone love to play the villain more than David Stern. He screams doucheyness every time he opens his mouth with his condescending tone. How dare you question "The Stern". Just ask Jim Rome, what it feels like to cross the commish.I'm fully anticipating his Rick Ross type rap single to come out soon featuring Metta World Peace. Gonna be BOSSS.

Honorable Mention: Jeremy Lin, Vinny Del Negro, Danny Ainge, Kobe Bryant, Manu Ginobli, Vin Baker, Chris Bosh, Miami, Russel Westbrook's Glasses Better luck next year guys, 

-Sean Dutra

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jason Terry: Tatted Up with Celtic Pride

So if you haven't heard Jason Terry is a Boston Celtic. Looks like he's got plans to make it a life long commitment as he gets this tatted on his bicep.I love this for a few reasons.
A.) This tattoo is sick. Usually you just see the Shamrock or the Leprechaun. Terry gets the iconic Tommy Hienson look a like spinning the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Just a thing of beauty. Sully from Southie would be proud.
B.) Definitely not enough tattoos on this Celtics team since Delonte left. Paul, KG, Rondo aren't really tatted up. If there is one thing better than an NBA Superstar, its a sharpshooter of the bench with a bunch of questionable yet memorable tattoos.
C.) Jason's next tattoo... Hes going to ink his forehead with 'UMBUTU' and every time he hits a big shot flip up the headband for a quick glimpse.
D.) The set of balls this guy has to get this tatted is ridiculous. He signed with the C's only a month ago and is all ready getting it permanently marked on his bicep. This definitely gives you an idea of how confident not only Terry is but how smoothly he will fit right in with arguably the most prideful bunch in the NBA.
E.) Ray who???

-Sean Dutra

Friday, August 10, 2012

2012 Celtics Preseason Schedule

2012 Preseason Schedule 

10/5- @Fenerbahce Ulker 2:00 p.m.
10/7- @EA7 Emporio Armani Milano 12:00 p.m. 
10/13- New York Knicks 7:30 p.m. 
10/15- @Philadelphia 76ers 7:00 p.m. 
10/16- Brooklyn Nets 7:30 p.m. 
10/18- @Brooklyn Nets 8:00 p.m. 
10/20- @New York Knicks 7:30 p.m. 
10/21- Philadelphia 76ers 7:30 p.m. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jeff Green: 'I stopped watching basketball'

Writer Josh Zavadil of CelticsBlog caught up with Jeff Green to discuss the ups and downs of having to sit out last season and what lies ahead for the future: 

"The surgery itself was probably the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life. I had to start from, basically, double scratch. Walking was an issue- just being able have the stamina was a problem. Everything just kind of shuts down. The nervous system breaks down, and it's kinda like a jump-start. You have to get it going and it was just difficult"

Green has spent the entire year in rehabilitation in order to return to the court. The forward spent these same months of rehabilitation last year hoping that the NBA would resolve their lockout. Once it was announced that the season would begin in late December, Green reported to training camp and couldn't wait for the season to get underway. But when he took his routine physical, doctors noticed something was wrong with Jeff's heart. Something very alarming.

"I didn't think anything was gonna happen. I thought it was going to be over in a matter of ten minutes and I would return to practice. The first couple hours were full of disappointment and feeling like I had let people down. With the lockout ending and finally being ready to play, I just felt like I let a lot of people down"

The hours that followed after hearing the news were probably the toughest for Jeff. So tough that he  admitted to not watching basketball for almost two months. In January, Green underwent surgery and was cleared to play. Green knows how high the expectation are in Boston and he cannot wait to get started. 

"We're trying to win a championship. That's the main goal and the thing we're trying to accomplish this year"

Green, who was acquired in a controversial trade involving center, Kendrick Perkins, is eager to show that he can fit in with Doc's system. And I think he will. He's fought hard to make his comeback and will continue to fight hard throughout the season with his teammates in Boston. A city where there's only that one goal in mind. 

Josue Pavon

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rivers: 'We Could Really Use' Delfino

Rumors emerged a few weeks ago that the Celtics have expressed interest in signing free agent forward Carlos Delfino. Coach Doc Rivers spoke highly of Delfino, who spent the last three seasons with the Bucks and is currently playing for Argentina at the London Olympics but doesn't think the Celtics have enough money to lure the forward to come to Boston.
"We've looked and I wish we had the money to add him. We could really use him. They turned him into a shooter but he can give you much more" (Rivers on Delfino)
The most money the Celtics can offer him is the $1.96 bi-annual exception. Although it is rumored that the Bucks have expressed interest in signing Mickael Pietrus over Delfino, a handful of other teams will be offering Delfino more money than Boston. Unless he is willing to take a huge pay cut in order to play for a contender, it's high unlikely that he'll sign to the Celtics.

Delfino would be a great addition for the club because of his sharp shooting and one-on-one defense. He'd be a solid back up for Pierce and would solidify the bench, making it the best in the league (in my opinion).

The 29-year-old averaged nine points, four rebounds in 28.5 minutes a game last season for Milwaukee.

Josue Pavon

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pierce Still "Bitter" Over Allen's Departure

Paul Pierce's comments over the weekend made to Molly McGrath of on the C's offseason and his future with the team was very eye-opening. In the a summer that had Garnett re-signing, Bass, Terry and Lee signing for long term (3-4 years) contracts, it didn't make much sense for Pierce's to talk about the uncertainty of him retiring a Celtic. I expected a different kind of interview from The Truth.

When Pierce was asked about his long term future with the Celtics and the possibility of him testing the free agent waters, he answered:

"I think I am going to play this one out," Pierce said. "I want to see what it feels like to be a free agent for once in my life. I think I am going to play this one out. A lot can change in two years. My body [may not] be where I want it to be, I could retire, a lot of things could happen. I love the game. I made as much money as I possibly can. It's about winning a championship and if I feel like it's the right thing to do, maybe so [come back]. If I solidify my third year, maybe opt out, so it's about keeping your options open."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Pierce has had a past of saying outlandish things and it had been a while since he has raised eyebrows so it was due, but about his future with Boston? It left me scratching my head. Then I read Gary Washburn's piece in the Sunday Boston Globe where Pierce responded to Allen's recent remarks about Pierce not recruiting him to come back to Boston over the summer:

"I didn't really feel the need for that," Pierce said. "Ray's been here five years. Ain't like I don't know him and I'm trying to get him here. He knows everything that's going on. He knows what he wants. I don't think there's nothing I could have said or KG [Kevin Garnett], Doc [Rivers] or anybody could have said that could have changed his mind. I would love to have him back here. I thoughtit would have made our chances greater at getting to the Finals."

This is when things started to make more sense for me. I don't disagree with Pierce. Allen knew how much the Celtics wanted him. And at Pierce's age I don't think he needed to beg Allen to stay. The bond that they've had over the past five years should speak for itself. Allen surprised the basketball world when he made his choice to take his talents to South Beach. He knew the Celtics were getting the band back together and chose not to join.

Pierce also said he was still "bitter" about Allen leaving Boston but sounded like he understood why Allen left; he just didn't agree with it. And even if Paul did beg him to stay, would it have made a difference? I doubt it. Allen was ready to move on. He saw a new big 3 in Pierce, KG & Rondo that was ready to move forward with or without him.

It's plain and simple: Allen went to Miami because Boston wasn't stroking his ego. The team didn't tickle his fancy anymore. Even a classy player like Allen has a big ego, as he should. The best three point shooter of all-time had the right to decide if he wanted to leave. But is it because we didn't kiss his you know what? If so that's ridiculous.

So what if he didn't get the red carpet here like he did in Miami, or if he didn't have his teammates begging him to come back (besides KG) and he wasn't atop of the priority list (KG & Terry were both signed before he made a decision). Danny Ainge did what was best for the team. The team is the top priority, and that's the way it should be.

Now getting back to Pierce's quote about his future in Boston... Don't buy it. It's out of frustration. Pierce thought he was part of something really special when KG & Allen joined the team, and Allen to putting an end to the era really bothers him. I think this is his way of dealing with it.

Expect a different Paul Pierce once the season starts. Just as Doc put it best in his interview after Allen left, "The show goes on..."

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Avery Bradley: Will He Be Home for Christmas?

Just as Avery Bradley ended last season on the injured list, he will most likely begin the 2012-2013 on it as well.  Bradley is recovering form double shoulder surgery from injuries he suffered in last year’s playoff run.  

We all remember Bradley's tenacity and seemingly invincible resolve each and every time his shoulder would pop out. It was almost something out of a video game, he'd go down holding his shoulder, go over to the legendary Celtics trainer, Eddie Lacerte, and pop the shoulder right back in. Everyone would cringe, but Bradley was right back out there. (If only Josh Beckett were watching....) Then his other shoulder went. 

The Celtics realized, Bradley's bright future for the C's could possibly be compromised if he kept going through this process and shut him down.  

From all reports, there is an unknown factor with Bradley's recovery time. When asked about it last week, Bradley was vague on his timetable to return to the C's starting lineup.  He bluntly told CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely, "I don't know anything, they just want me to get healthy. That's all they really tell me. They don't really give me time frames."

Usually, when there is this much of an unknown factor with injuries it means that the player isn't coming back anytime soon.  

Realistically, Bradley probably won't be ready until December. So who will step up for the man, who is tasked with replacing the greatest three-point shooter of all time?  

Here are a few to watch for. 

Rajon Rondo

Obviously Rondo will be fine with or without Bradley on the offensive end. However, Bradley's biggest asset was his relentless pressure he put on the opposing teams ball handler. His ability to do so overshadowed Rondo's weakness of being an on ball perimeter defender.
Bradley's pressing allowed Rondo to lurk in the passing lanes to cause havoc; intercept passes, and immediately start the fast break. 
Rondo, while Bradley is out, will have to improve his on ball defense. He is always at his best when he has time to read the pass, but has struggled in the past defending the guy bringing up the ball. 
Courtney Lee:  
In Danny Ainge's most unlikely move this off-season; Courtney Lee was acquired from the Houston Rockets. Lee is a 6-5 shooting guard that will be suited to step right in and start while the Celtics are waiting for Bradley's return. 

Offensively, he has the skills to basically match the numbers that Bradley put up last year. He is athletic and can run the floor. He shot 40% from three-point land last year and should be open for those corner threes we were so used to Allen and Bradley knocking down last year. 

Courtney Lee

Lee will be the immediate replacement but leaves question marks on the defensive end. He will be asked to match up against the likes of D-Wade, Joe Johnson, and in some situations smaller and faster point guard depending on the situation.

Bradley was a very versatile defender, not that Lee is a liability but he will be asked to do more than he ever has defensively here in Doc Rivers system.

Jason Terry

The Jet won't have to change his game much with Bradley being out for a while. He is used to pressure situations and will most likely be the one who is closing games over Lee in Bradley's absence. 

This will be an interesting situation to keep an eye on. If Jason Terry shows he still has his late game heroics and impresses while Bradley is out, it would leave Doc Rivers with some tough decisions when Bradley returns. 

Who will he give those late game minutes to? You cant have both Bradley and Terry on the floor to close the game at the same time, due to they both have point guard bodies playing the '2.' 

I'm sure that this is a problem Doc wouldn't mind having but could cause a little debate in January.