Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jaylen Brown enters NBA Concussion Protocol, no structural damage found according to Brad Stevens

Celtics guard Jaylen Brown has entered the NBA's concussion protocol after a hard fall Thursday night against the Timberwolves.

Head coach Brad Stevens confirmed that Brown did suffer a concussion when he lost his grip on the rim following a dunk and fell backwards onto his neck and back. While there wasn't any structural damage found, Brown will be ruled out indefinitely until he no longer exhibits concussion symptoms.
"He went through a series of tests yesterday that were more detailed than the ones he went through in Minnesota. Everything came back negative so he's going better," Stevens explained. "He's sore and he has entered the concussion protocol. As far as structurally, neck, back, shoulders, he's going to be fine. He will be out, obviously. I guess at some point he becomes day-to-day but I don't see that happening in the next couple of days or week even.
An encouraging sign for Celtics fans is the fact that Brown did travel back to Boston with his team. However, he's going to need to pass the series of tests -- symptom free -- before he's able to return.

Brown is the second player this season to enter the NBA's concussion protocol. Al Hoford, who entered the program earlier in the season, missed 10 games one season ago when he entered the protocol early on in the 2016-17 campaign.
"I don't want to minimize. A concussion is something that we have to make sure that he comes back 110 percent and goes through the whole protocol symptom-free, all that stuff," Stevens said. "It could have been a number of things with that fall but I think, again, he's fortunate and we're fortunate that it's not. He'll go through the protocol and we won't bring him back until it's right."
The Celtics will take on the Pacers Sunday night without Brown, no word on who will replace him in the starting lineup.

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