Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tristan Thompson says he enjoys preseason 'chirping' with Marcus Morris prior to Tuesday's matchup

For the first time this season since their preseason exchange, Celtics forward Marcus Morris and Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson will face one another Tuesday night at TD Garden.

Despite losing LeBron James to free agency, Thompson says his Cavs are still the team to beat in the east while vehemently reminding everyone which team has reigned supreme the past four seasons. Morris laughed at the notion that the Cavaliers will be a threat to top the conference this season by recommending Thompson make his vacation plans prior to the start of the playoffs.

According to NBC Sports Boston, Thompson loved Morris' trash talk, and added that the two big men have a rivalry that dates to high school, when Thompson faced twins Marcus and Markieff Morris.
"It goes all the way back to Kansas-Texas days, when we beat them at Allen Fieldhouse," Thompson explained and said he's been facing Morris and his twin brother Markieff "since high school."
But it's all in good fun, according to Thompson.
"I enjoy it," he said. "It's fun, it's what makes the games fun. Especially with the long season, stuff [gets] repetitive, lot of games, lot of different road trips. So it's fun when you get guys chirping."
Thompson also doubled down on his comments regarding the Cavaliers being a legitimate threat to top the east.
"Our team has changed and their team has gotten better," Thompson said. "But until the games start, I don't want to hear nothing." 

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