Sunday, October 21, 2018

Celtics forward Marcus Morris impressed by Rajon Rondo in Lakers-Rockets fight

Celtics forward Marcus Morris weighed in on the Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul fight that went down during the fourth quarter of the Lakers-Rockets game Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Punches were thrown after Paul poked Rondo in the face when the two point guards were face-to-face following an altercation between Lakers forward Brandon Ingram and Rockets guard James Harden. Rondo connected on a left punch to Paul's face -- a move Morris admired from the Lakers point guard and commented on via Twitter.
Seeing Rondo and Paul in each other's faces didn't come as a surprise for most Celtics fans. Both guards have gotten in each other's faces more than a few times since 2009 when they first had to be separated in a game between the Celtics and the Hornets. 

All three (Paul, Rondo, Ingram) players were ejected and will most likely all receive suspensions within the next 24 hours or so.

Josue Pavón

Photo used is courtesy of Yahoo Sports

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