Thursday, June 23, 2016

Celtics draft Jaylen Brown at No. 3

After reportedly negotiating with teams like the 76ers and Bulls for the No. 3 picks, the Celtics drafted California's Jaylen Brown.

There were many speculating that the Celtics were going trade their top pick to the 76ers or Bulls -- both teams reportedly had their eyes set on using the pick to draft Kris Dunn -- but talks fell through. There was talk that the Celtics were torn between picking either Brown or Dunn on Thursday.

The 76ers were rumored to be in talks with the Celtics, and offered the C's Nerlens Noel, Robert Convington, No. 24 and 26 picks all for the Celtics' No. 3 overall pick. Meanwhile, Danny Ainge and co. were also in talks with the Bulls for their All-Star guard Jimmy Butler.

For more on Jaylen Brown, click here to read his Celtics workout report.

Photo used is courtesy of Associated Press

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