Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pierce reflects on his farewell in Boston

It's been a crazy few days in Boston as the New England Patriots became Super Bowl champs in the greatest comeback in history on Sunday to go along with Paul Pierce's last game at the TD Garden resulting in a Celtics win.

Pierce made an appearance on ESPN's Mike & Mike on Wednesday morning to reflect on his Boston send-off and what it means on a personal level
"It meant a lot, it showed me how the fans appreciated my time here," said Pierce, who's playing in his final NBA season. "Everything kind of went full circle...when you play in one place for so many years, you don't really get a chance to think about what you've done. That day at the Garden, it just all really sunk in; what I meant to the fans on the court and off the court. I didn't know what to expect."
Besides his take on the Patriots and Falcons, 'The Truth' also gave his opinion on the possibility of Carmelo Anthony joining the Clippers and if he could get Los Angeles over hump come playoff time.
"We have to get healthy first," said Pierce. "I'm not even sure if 'Melo is the answer or other trade rumors out there are the answers...But the number one thing for us is we have to get healthy."
Pierce commented on LeBron James and Charles Barkley's war of words between each other and how players of today's generation are more sensitive to criticism than prior decades due to social media. He also mentioned how there are no true rivalries in today's NBA other than the Cavaliers and Warriors when it comes to the level of competition.

To listen to the full Paul Pierce interview; click here [begins at the 5:36 mark] 

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