Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Causeway Street Podcast - DeMarcus Cousins & Celtics Trade Deadline Rumors

Did Danny Ainge dropped the ball or was he simply not interested in making an offer for DeMarcus Cousins? We react to the Kings trading away their franchise player to New Orleans. Plus how much weight does Brad Stevens' opinion of Boogie hold when it came down to 'Trader Danny' not even pursuing a deal for arguably the top big man in the NBA? We discuss reasons behind this decision, plus what's next for the C's before Thursday's trade deadline? Who else is on Ainge's radar and is the pressure on now more than ever to acquire another superstar? Zach Peloquin of Off The Wagon Sports Radio joins us once again to break down how the Celtics brass might have failed on possibly making their team better. Enjoy Episode 71 of the Causeway Street Podcast below:

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