Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Marcus Smart calls for justice for Breonna Taylor

Celtics guard Marcus Smart used his media video session Tuesday to call for justice for Breonna Taylor.

Smart repeated the phrase, "Justice for Breonna Taylor," six times during a one minute and 21-second media session from the Disney World bubble. Taylor, a Louisville EMT, was shot and killed in March by four Louisville Metro Police officers who executed a no-knock warrant for her apartment.
"Before we start, guys, Smart said at the start of the session. "My answer is going to be justice for Breonna Taylor. That's going to be my answer for everything. So just letting you guys know that now. Justice for Breonna Taylor."
When Smart was asked if he was one of the several players, along with CJ McCollum that was on a call with Taylor's mother a few days ago, Smart kindly responded: "I was. And I'd just like to say justice for Breonna Taylor."

Smart concluded his very short media presser with "Justice for Breonna Taylor. That's my answer for everything … My answer is going to be justice for Breonna Taylor. That's my answer for every question. You guys can keep asking but that’s what you guys are going to get today."

On Sunday, Smart's teammate Jaylen Brown also spoke about Taylor's death and systemic change to close out his video session with the media.
"We understand what the protocol is, but the protocol needs to change," Brown said. "Things need to improve. We see the improvements being made, but I feel like continuing to have people speak on these things and continuing to have them talk about it, is going to be important. 
Brown added, "For us, equality is demanded and Black Lives Matter. And Breonna Taylor is an example of a Black life that was taken because of how the system has been laid out. And we're going to continue to protest and continue to feel some type of way about it. It's unfortunate, but these conversations need to continue to be had, for sure."

Joel Pavón

Photo used courtesy of CLNS

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