Monday, November 9, 2015

Kenny Anderson on Smart: 'Offensively for the NBA, I don't think he's ready'

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In the last episode of Causeway Street Podcast, former NBA point guard Kenny Anderson joined the guys to talk about the 2015-16 NBA season, the Celtics, and his tenure with the Celtics.

When talking about the Celtics, Anderson gave his opinion on point guard Marcus Smart -- saying he's not impressed with the young guard and went as far as to say he's not NBA-ready.

"Offensively for the NBA, I don't think he's ready. Defensively, he's very strong and athletically -- he has a pro body but I'm not sure offensively.
"I see flashes every now and then but I don't see nothing consistent."
After giving his opinion on Smart, Anderson talked about how good of a player Isaiah Thomas is, and how impressive he's been for a guy who comes off the bench.
"I know everyone in Boston is high on Smart but I'm not sure. I know he's a defensive guard but Isaiah Thomas comes in and puts up big numbers... he has better numbers than Smart. I know it's only his second year but I'm not sure.
"Isaiah Thomas is a scorer. He can shoot, he's a play maker. The other night, he scored 26 points off the bench. Who does that?"
Anderson then went into his time in Boston and how frustrated he was in 2002 when the Celtics traded him to Seattle.
"They screwed me by trading me in my free agent year after leading my team to the Eastern Conference Finals, they traded me. And I just thought that was a bummer...
"I wanted to finish that contract out with the Celtics. Get another run at it with that team and maybe would have went a little forward and won the east that year."
Check out the entire interview here: Kenny Anderson - Causeway Street Podcast.

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