Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pierce Would Have Considered Retirement if Garnett Hadn't Returned

Pierce says he hopes to retire with Garnett one day
Celtics' captain Paul Pierce opened up about his offseason at Media Day on Friday, touching on contemplating retirement and how the return of Garnett changed his mindset.

Pierce said he might have retired if Garnett decided he wouldn't play basketball anymore.
"I knew one thing, I wouldn't want to go through a rebuilding phase," said Pierce. "It was something I would have had to think long and hard about. If there was another team out there for me, I would have considered that."
But both are back this season, and now the duo will take another shot at winning a second title. Paul cannot wait to get started.
"I'm very excited about, especially in this stage in my career, that we're continuing to try to get that elusive trophy that we haven't got in a few years."
Well, it's a good thing Garnett didn't hang it up this past summer because not seeing Paul playing this season would have been tough for me. As a matter of fact, seeing him wearing another uniform would have been even tougher, but it looks like the basketball Gods have the Celtics making another run instead. I'm glad.

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