Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dooling: Allen talked to media more than C's

As a complete outsider, it's tough to tell what really goes on inside the seemingly tight knit Celtics locker room. It seems at no time has this dynamic been questioned more now that Ray Allen has taken his talents to South Beach while leaving Boston media to rake through his ambiguous quotes.

Many talking heads point to Rondo as being a pivotal memeber of Allen leaving due to the floor general's mid season request for Avery Bradley to start at shooting guard. This is where it starts to get a bit grey for almost everybody because you have to believe there is a ton of mutual respect between the players and the media tend to skew those ambiguous quotes.

With this said, I think Jackie MacMullen turned to the most open and clear (former) Celtic and a Causeway Street favorite, Keyon Dooling. Dooling's transparency on the Allen/Rondo situation is highly refreshing:
"Rondo learned a lot from him-- how to prepare, how to take care of his body, how to be professional. Ray was great in many ways," said Dooling. "Ray didn't know how to communicate with Rondo they way some of us could, like myself, like KG, who fully embraced Rajon. I love Ray. I love his family. He's a true pro. But it's unfair how this all came out. Ray had such a good relationship with all the reporters and Rondo was so quiet. So who gets all the good press?"
Dooling makes a very bold yet simple claim that is proven almost daily; the player who is media friendly and provides the perfect sound clips will generally have it easier dealing with tougher issues. It also does not help that Rondo could almost be the antithesis of Allen's media presence with a stubborn, short cut competitive attitude next to a savvy verteran. Even with all the issues, I am sure Ray and Rajon will have a repectful and possibly heartfelt embrace before Tuesday's game.

-Sean Heenehan

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