Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sullinger Tweet Sets Off Mass Speculation

The Celtics have a very tough decision when it comes to Jared Sullinger. They have extended a qualifying offer to the Sullinger making him a restricted free agent.

The one year extension was offered for $4.4 million has not been signed but there also have been no reports of teams signing the Celtics big man to an offer sheet.

Sullinger probably will get some offers from teams desperate for young bigs, but the Celtics need to make a decision on what they are willing to match. One thing that is for sure is that if Sullinger gets Timofey Mozgov money then I'm sure Ainge will fly him out to what ever destination is willing to pay him that much money.

However, it seems more and more likely that Sullinger may be offered a reasonable deal in or around the $6-$8 million per year range and if that is the case... Ainge may need to make a tough decision.

Sullinger has made it clear on numerous occasions that he would prefer to stay with the Boston Celtics. He has credited Ainge with giving him his shot in the league and he feels like he owes the Celtics a little something and may even consider a hometown discount. Sullinger tweeted very cryptically today with what seems may be a change of heart.

So what to make of that tweet. Obviously, there is no background but was he informed today that the Celtics were not planning on matching any offer sheet? Is there an offer sheet or trade that is in the works? Did Sullinger just decide to become a vegetarian and we all are reading into this way too much?

With no definitive news breaking, regarding the Sullinger situation Celtics fans can only speculate on what is going on with Sullinger. More to come as this develops so stay tuned, but as of right now it doesn't look like there is a good chance Jared Sullinger will be back with the Celtics next year.

-Sean Dutra

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