Thursday, July 19, 2012

Update: Lee to Celtics

The deal for Courtney Lee seems to be all but finalized. According to the deal brings Lee to the Celtics while sending E'twaun  Moore, JuJuan Johnson, Sean Williams, and a future second round pick.
The sign and trade has been rumored for weeks and it looks like the two sides were finally able to reach an agreement. Lee had stated before his desire to be with a winner such as the Celtics.
"I want to win," Lee said. "Everybody knows their record and what they've accomplished over the years, especially with Doc and having KG and Paul, Rondo's still there. That's a team I feel will win and continue to win. That's one factor in the decision."
Well Courtney, we want you to want to win so welcome aboard.

In the deal the Celtics do lose there entire 2011 Draft Class where the they drafted the two Purdue standouts Moore and Johnson.  Moore was lighting up the summer league, while Johnson still seemed to still be struggling adapting to the NBA game. 

The addition of Lee is going to be huge for the Celtics as it brings a veteran presence that can knock down the three and also finish at the rim. Look for Lee to assume the starting 2-guard role until Avery Bradley is healthy enough to asssume his position next to Rajon Rondo.

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