Thursday, May 26, 2016

Avery Bradley named NBA All-Defensive First Team

The Celtics finished the 2015-16 season ranked as one of the top defensive teams in the NBA -- Avery Bradley served as a catalyst to the team's success and was recognized as one of the league's best defenders on Wednesday.

Bradley was named to the NBA's All-Defensive first team and finished with the third-most 1st team votes behind Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard (130) and Warriors forward Draymond Green (123). Bradley finished with 62 1st team votes, 25 2nd team votes, 149 total. Leonard received the Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year award. Bradley finished sixth.

The Celtics finished with the fourth best defensive rating in the NBA, tied with the Warriors and Clippers. In a season where he averaged a career-high 1.54 steals per game, Bradley's defensive prowess earned himself the top vote-getter among guards by a panel of sports writers and broadcasters.

Alongside Bradley, Celtics forward Jae Crowder garnered votes and came short of nearly making the NBA's All-Defensive second team. Crowder finished with 47 points, including three first-team votes.


Kawhi Leonard (Spurs), 130 first-team votes, 260 total
Draymond Green (Warriors), 123 first-team votes, 5 second-team votes, 251 total
DeAndre Jordan (Clippers), 47 first-team votes, 43 second-team votes, 137 total
Avery Bradley (Celtics), 62 first-team votes, 25 second-team votes, 149 total
Chris Paul (Clippers), 59 first-team votes, 30 second-team votes, 148 total


Paul Millsap (Hawks), 11 first-team votes, 75 second-team votes, 97 total
Paul George (Pacers), 5 first-team votes, 38 second-team votes, 48 total
Hassan Whiteside (Heat), 44 first-team votes, 38 second-team votes, 126 total
Tony Allen (Grizzlies), 44 first-team votes, 33 second-team votes, 121 total
Jimmy Butler (Bulls), 18 first-team votes, 26 second-team votes, 62 total

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