Friday, August 25, 2017

Ray Allen chimes in on 'loyalty' in the NBA, Isaiah Thomas responds on social media

While it doesn't come as a surprise that Ray Allen still isn't over the way Celtics fans treat him ever since his decision to join the Heat in 2012, Isaiah Thomas' response to Allen's comment days after the deal that sent him to the Cleveland Cavaliers was certainly an eye-opener.

Allen expressed his feelings on loyalty in the NBA and how there's a double-standard between players and organizations.

Days after the blockbuster deal involving Thomas and Kyrie Irving, Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype posted an exchange between former NBA players Caron Butler and Allen on Thursday over the contradiction fans have when it comes to teams trading players versus players leaving a team via free agency. Butler made a valid point about Thomas' loyalty and dedication to the Celtics this past season where he played in a playoff game the day after the death of his sister, Chyna, only to be traded to the Celtics' rival -- Cleveland Cavaliers -- four months later.

The future Hall-of-Fame shooter then commented on Butler's Instagram post, relating to the backlash he went through after leaving Boston to join the Celtics' biggest rival at the time -- the Miami Heat.

This is the second time this summer Allen has expressed his displeasure with how he was and still is ridiculed for his choice to leave Boston for Miami. Just last month, Allen, 42, responded to a disparaging remark made on a Celtics fan's Instagram post that wished him a happy birthday.

According to Kennedy, the post was also liked by LeBron James, Chris Paul and most surprisingly, Cavaliers newly acquired All-Star guard Thomas himself. Thomas commented "100" on Butler's post. Click here to see the entire exchange, including Thomas' response, per Bleacher Report.

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