Monday, April 13, 2015

Evan Turner and LeBron James exchange words after yesterday's game

Associated Press

After yesterday's 117-78 Celtics win over Cleveland, Evan Turner and LeBron James exchanged words after both teams shook hands.

While many speculated that Evan Turner was talking trash to all-star LeBron James about what could be a possible first-round playoff match up between the Celtics and Cavaliers, the conversation actually had nothing to do with NBA basketball.

Turner told reporters after the game what the topic of discussion was between him and James.
"I was talking to Iman Shumpert because we went to middle school together," Turner said. "And then LeBron came over to me because I'm (Ohio State) Buckeye or whatever, and I told him I know a little guy who can beat his young guy. He asked me who and I said Andre Iguodala Jr.
"We just laughed about that," Turner said  
LeBron James' son is already getting national attention at such a young age. The ten year-old protege has already had a few highlights featured on ESPN and his basketball highlights have over seven million views on YouTube. According to LeBron Sr., his son has already been offered college scholarships, something he doesn't think is right for his son at such a young age.

If the playoffs started today the Celtics would be facing the same team they beat twice in three days; the Cleveland Cavaliers. However unlike yesterday's game, James along with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith will play so things would get a little tougher for the Celtics if the two were to meet next weekend.

With two games regular season games left, the Celtics hold their own fate. A win over the Raptors tomorrow night could be enough for the Celtics to clinch a playoff spot for the first time in two years.

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