Friday, September 14, 2012

Causeway Street Catches Up With Jason Terry

"The Jet"
While filming a segment with for his Reebok brand, Jason Terry mingled with fans outside Fenway Park Tuesday night. I got a chance to catch up with Terry for a couple minutes and asked him a few questions about joining the Celtics.

Terry didn't hold back about his excitement to play with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. When the club expressed interest in signing him this past summer, it wasn't a hard decision for him. He also can't wait to get started and knows how important this upcoming season is for Boston.

Terry also gave fans his best Boston accent while joking around and talked about places he has visited since moving to Massachusetts. What I liked the most about Terry was that he listened to people's take on the Celtics' upcoming season and couldn't remove that giddy smile from his face while he listened to fans.

As the Red Sox wind down their horrible season (worst I've ever seen since I've been a fan) it was great to see excitement at the park for a change. It was fitting for the city, almost a prelude for the season. Terry has set the tone.

"I'm here to give them my all this year. It's all about Banner 18 in this city."

I can't wait.

Josue Pavon

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