Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brandon Bass takes up swimming lessons

Celtics forward Brandon Bass recently took a swimming class at the Boys & Girls Club of Boston last Friday.

Bass faced his fears of floating alongside 10 children in Waltham. According to Bella English, Bass is doing it to show children that they can face their fears.

English wrote, "Though he is volunteering his time to help children conquer their fear of swimming, Bass has fears of his own."

"I'm nervous because I don't know how to float," said Bass. "I can't tread water." [Boston Globe]
A few things motivated Bass to take swimming lessons in the past few years. Brandon Bass Jr., Brandon's 6-year old son, who knows how to swim and found out about his father's inability to float in water. And in 2009, when Bass bought a house with a pool on a lake in Orlando.
"I can tell he's having the time of his life, and doesn't have a worry in the world," says Bass."But I'm a little worried."
"I just feel as the man of the house, I need to learn how to swim." [Boston Globe]
Bass isn't the only Celtic who can't tread water. Jeff Green also confessed that he doesn't know how to swim either and wants to learn someday before he starts a family.
"I want to learn how to swim before I have kids, and I want them to learn," said Jeff Green. "I think it's just a skill that kids and people in general should have. Whether a family vacation, or just with friends, a lot of activities take place near water." [Boston Globe] 
Bass says he will continue to take lessons with children of the Boys & Girls Club and plans on taking private lessons until he learns how to swim. 

Check out Bass' progress below:

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