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2015-16' Celtics Predictions

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The NBA regular season is set to tip-off tonight while the Celtics don't get underway until Wednesday against the Philadelphia 76ers at the TD Garden. Here on Causeway Street the next 24 hours can't go by fast enough, so of course we couldn't help ourselves by having a little fun making some predictions before tomorrow night's home opener.

Here's our roundtable conversation results:

Will Burke - @Will_NBA33 

Celtics MVP: Marcus Smart

If this team is going to make any noise it will have to be because Marcus Smart takes the leap. Defensively he is obviously already there, but if he can get to the basket and keep up his 3-point shooting, he could have a big year and show he can be the leader of a great team.

Celtics Record: 44-38

I think this team will be pretty good, 6th or 7th seed, but it's hard for me to see the Celtics winning 50 games or more like some people out there are saying. I think the lack of a rim protector and the lack of a true superstar and scorer keeps this team from winning 50 plus. As long as the C's don't play the Cavaliers in the first round, they could make things interesting.

Bold Prediction: RJ Hunter will be a regular in Stevens' rotation

Hunter is the real deal. Could be the team's best 3-point shooter, can really create off the dribble both for himself and for teammates. I think he carves out a role getting 20-minutes a game pretty early and turns into what Celtics fans hope James Young would be.

NBA Champs: Oklahoma City Thunder

OKC over LeBron and the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. I think this is the year Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook put it all together and the Thunder stay completely healthy. They finally have the best supporting cast to date. 

Josue Pavón - @Joe_Sway10

Celtics MVP: Isaiah Thomas

Thomas will win the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award (averaging 18 points) and become a fourth quarter-savior. He will come off the bench but will almost always play at the end of the fourth quarter. His defense will also improve from last season.

Celtics Record: 46-36

A six-game improvement from last season and barring any major trades, good enough for the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference.

Bold Prediction: DMC lands in Boston

DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl get into a physical altercation and the Celtics acquire him in a trade involving Brooklyn's 2016 1st round pick, David Lee, Kelly Olynyk and Evan Turner. The Celtics also get Ben McLemore in the deal. (ESPN's Trade Machine approved it)

NBA Champs: San Antonio Spurs

Sean Dutra - @SeanDutra

Celtics MVP: Jae Crowder

If the Celtics look to improve on their playoff campaign from a year ago, Jae Crowder will be the reason why. I've been on the Crowder bandwagon since his first days in Boston, and this is the year he will make all Celtics Nation understand that Danny Ainge clearly won the Rondo trade. Crowder, who has yet to have a full year in Celtic Green, did all the small things last year that made himself a key cog in the playoff push at the end of the year. He fits the exact type of player that Brad Stevens looks to build the team around. He is tough, gritty, a lock down defender and a very clever player. He has locked himself into the starting lineup and enters this year with something to prove. This season, Crowder is set to break out. In the preseason he has stuffed the stat sheet in limited minutes and has shown a much improved offensive game. If the Celtics produce an all-star this year I think Jae Crowder will be the one.

Celtics Record: 51-31 

Oh Snap, did I just predict a 50 win season for the Celtics? Hell Yeah I did. What's not to like about this team? They have arguably the best coach in the Eastern Conference. They have several young players set to have break-out years. They have by far the most depth in the league, and from all accounts everyone is buying into the system. They were the third most successful team after the all star break last year and have only gotten better. Most experts are skeptical that they can't win without an superstar, and I believe that is the reason they aren't getting national love, but I would be absolutely shocked if this team wasn't right around 50 wins at the end of the year.

Bold Prediction: Cousins is a Celtic by the trading deadline

If you have been following Causeway Street for any amount of time or listened to any podcast over the last year, you know that I have an obsession with Boogie Cousins joining the Celtics. I had some untouchables last year but this year I would basically trade anyone to acquire him. The Celtics have so much depth and draft picks they could potentially acquire him and Danny Ainge should just be waiting on the first Wo-Jo Report that things aren't going too well between George Karl and my man DMC. Pull the Trigger Danny!!!

NBA Champs: Los Angeles Clippers

The West is as deep as it's ever been. It's nearly impossible to predict who will make it out alive. I'm going with the Clippers though after retaining DeAndre Jordan, adding Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson, they may have the deepest team in the West. Chris Paul needs a ring and this just may be the year he gets it.

Adrian Mendoza - @Doza321

Celtics MVP: Isaiah Thomas

I'm excited to see Thomas blossom into more of a complete player.  Instead of just being an "instant offense," Vinnie Johnson version/'The Microwave' of the millennials, "IT" will look to set up his teammates instead of being just a gunslinger. Fantasy basketball owners will be smiling.

Celtics Record: 44-38

Brad Stevens' stock rises faster than LSU's Leonard Fournette.

Bold Prediction: Celtics will have a Top-10 pick in next year's draft

The Dallas Mavericks will attempt to tank so that their 2016 pick that is going to the C's could land between a 1-7 selection (which is protected).  That said, there are far too many bad teams out there for the Mavs to be "successful" in tanking.  the Celts will get the 8th pick and Danny Ainge will light his cigar that evening.

NBA Champs: San Antonio Spurs

Yes, it's a guard's league now, but you can't teach height. LaMarcus Aldridge will take on the heavy burden down low in the regular season, which will allow Timmy "Old Man Riverwalk" Duncan to drive in the slow lane until the playoff time kicks into gear. Gregg Popovich (but a little nicer) = Bill Belichick.

Joel Pavón - @CausewayStreet

Celtics MVP: Avery Bradley

This is Bradley's year to not only stay healthy but display all of his major skill sets (defense, 3-point shooting, slashing to the hoop) together through an entire season. In 2012 we've saw how his backdoor cuts worked wonders, the following year his on ball defense was on point and the last two-season his behind the arc shot has developed tremendously (especially from the corner). Now A.B. knows how versatile he can be on a nightly basis and he showed it throughout the preseason.

Celtics Record: 49-33   

The C's can go as high as the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference, while ESPN projects this team to win 48 games, I'm one upping those guys. I'm optimistic that Brad Stevens has a better feel on how to coach in close games and the Celtics won't lose as many tight tilts as they did last season. Plus who wants to see Cleveland again in the first round? Not these guys.

Bold Prediction: Celtics will make it to the second-round of the playoffs

This ties-in with the C's finishing as the fifth seed in the East, that would mean a possible second round match-up with the Cavaliers which would make for a much better series a year later.

NBA Champs: San Antonio Spurs

I've had the Spurs winning it all the last three seasons, and now with the addition of LaMarcus Aldridge playing alongside Timmy, and David West accepting just the veteran-league minimum to come off the bench for the first time in his career, the best coach in the league is all but giddy about his chances to make it back to the Finals and beat Bron-Bron once again.  

What are some of your predictions for the Celtics and the NBA this season?

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