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Dutra's 2015 NBA Mock Draft

I know one thing is for certain, the 2015 NBA Draft is definitely happening Thursday Night. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine and therefore my prediction is as good as any one's so why not take this Mock Draft as gospel?

The Celtics have the 16th and 28th pick in the draft as we stand right this second. That could easily change by the time Adam Silver takes the stage tomorrow night, and if i had to bet my guess is it will.  Danny Ainge may move up, or may even move out of the draft and acquire an active NBA player but for right now lets play it out that the Celtics stay put.

1. Minnesota: Karl Anthony Towns

2. L.A. Lakers: Jalil Okafor
3. Philadelphia:  Kistaps Porzingis
4. New York: Mario Hezonja
5. Orlando: Justice Winslow

Karl Anthony-Towns
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1-5 Breakdown: So I think it is safe to say the Karl Anthony Towns will go #1 overall tonight, no surprise there. However, 2-5 in this draft is a total crapshoot. Okafor should be the #2 pick here but the two international players have done a very good job of not getting immediately labeled as busts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Porzingis or Hezonja jumped up to number two but it feels right for the 76ers and Knicks to take a chance on the foreign unknowns.  Winslow is my surprise of the top 5 and would be an ideal fit for Orlando.

6. Sacramento: Emmauel Mundiay
7. Denver: D’Angelo Russell
8. Detroit: Devin Booker
9. Charlotte: Frank Kaminskey
10. Miami: Stanley Johnson

6-10 Breakdown: I know you are all thinking it. WHY ISNT WILLIE CAULEY STEIN IN THE TOP TEN? I think that the issues with his health (foot) and lack of offensive ability could scare away teams from taking him in the top 10. Mundiay, I think is going to be the steal of the draft. He’s big, athletic, and also has professional experience albeit minimal after sitting out  with an injury for most of last year. If he goes to college he’s in the running for number one overall.

D’angelo Russel is my pick to slide. Some have him going as high as 2/3 but I don’t see it. I would be scared to invest a top 5 pick in a gunner. He reminds me a lot of JR Smith or Jamal Crawford, a heat check guy that would be great but not as a top 5 draft pick.

11. Indiana: Willie Cauley-Stein
12. Utah:  Myles Turner
13. Phoenix: Cameron Payne
14. Oklahoma City: Trey Lyles
15. Atlanta (From Brooklyn):  Sam Dekker

11-15 Breakdown: Cauley- Stein and Turner are my two top picks for the Celtics to nab if they move up a few spots or if they do fall farther than expected. I don’t see that happening but take a look at my draft preview I put up a few weeks ago and I profiled why these two would be ideal. Cameron Payne has been  a late bloomer this draft season and would fit nicely in Phoenix who is hoping to keep Brandon Knight but he is a restricted Free agent so who knows. Trey Lyles and Sam Dekker are boom or bust guys that also I wouldn’t be surprised if they fell and were available at 16.

16. Boston: Bobby Portis

Bobby Portis
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Celtics pick #16 Breakdown: Portis is a machine when he is on the court. He does all the little things right, plays with intensity, and is always making hustle plays. He would fit perfectly on the Celtics and mesh right into what Brad Stevens wants from his players. He has drawn comparisons to Kenneth Farried, Draymond Green, and even has a little Jae Crowder in him too.

He is 6’11’’ and can shoot. He would be able to defend a stretch 4 or traditional power forward because of his size.  He has skill though, he put up 17.5 ppg and 9 rpg last season  as a sophomore leading Arkansas to a respectable finish in the SEC and run to second round of NCAA Tournament.
If the Celtics do keep the pick, I believe Portis would be the best fit for the Celtics at this point in the draft.

17. Milwaukee: Kelly Oubre
18. Houston (From New Orleans): Justin Anderson
19. Washington: RJ Hunter
20. Toronto: Kevin Looney
21. Dallas: Jerian Grant
22. Chicago: Rondae Hollis- Jefferson
23. Portland: Montrezi Harrell
24. Cleveland: Tyus Jones
25. Memphis: Jarell Martin 
26. San Antonio: Terry Rozier
27. L.A. Lakers (From Houston): Delon Wright

17-27 Breakdown: A lot of boom or bust/unkowns/high ceiling/draft cliché guys in this bunch. Kelly Oubre and Justin Anderson both could be options for the Celtics to choose if Portis is off the board com pick 16. The late steal of the draft I believe is going to be Terry Rozier. The point guard from Louisville reminds me a ton of Kyle Lowry, could be a late bloomer but if drafted by Coach Pop and the Spurs he would develop a lot faster.

28. Boston (From L.A. Clippers): Robert Upshaw
29. Brooklyn (From Atlanta): Olivier Hanlon
30. Golden State: Chris McCullough

28-30 Breakdown: I highly doubt the Celtics will be drafting at 28, but who knows for sure. If they do, I’m sticking to my guns and want them to take a chance on Upshaw. He is a blocked shot machine. Defense, size, strength, but admittedly probably a nut job. Larry Sanders or Dikembe Mutumbo? Its worth the 28th pick to find out. I know one thing for sure, he’s no worse than Fab Melo.

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