Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ainge plans to move up in NBA Draft

(Boston Herald)

Not even Danny Ainge, Celtics president of basketball operations, knows what's going to happen in tonight's NBA Draft but with all the buzz that has surrounded his club in the last 48 hours, it's safe to say we can expect some sort of movement tonight.

Ainge, who is equipped with four picks tonight (No. 16, 28, 33, and 45), has made it loud and clear that wants to move up in the draft but hasn't hinted about which prospect he wishes to draft. Ainge spoke to reporters Tuesday afternoon at the Celtics' training facility.

"We're having discussions to move up with both of our picks in the first round," Ainge said. "We're trying to move up at least one of them. I think there will be some movement."
There aren't a lot of teams in the top ten that are willing to trade away their first round pick. But if there's one team that has the assets to do it, it's Ainge and the Celtics. However, Ainge knows that this won't be easy to pull off.
"Just there's a lot of talk, a lot more talk [than usual]," Ainge said. "I guess I'm hopeful that there's some movement. We have a lot of different things going on, a lot of possibilities. Usually nothing happens. But we're hopeful.
"[Teams] have to be enticed to move down," Ainge added. "Nobody wants to move down."
It's going to take a number of picks and a player from the Celtics' roster to entice a team to trade down. Ainge also said that no player is 'untouchable' so any player could be dealt.
"Right now we don't even know where we are drafting or the position we'll be in. We think there's going to be a lot of activity on draft night. So stay tuned. Our draft pick may have been traded before we even make the pick. I'm excited about the draft, it's going to be a fun day."

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