Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cousins to the Celtics: Realistic Rumor or Shenanigans?

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“Name your price Sacramento,” said every Celtics fan drooling over the possibility of DeMarcus Cousins in a Celtics uniform.

Rumors have been stirring about talks between the Celtics and Kings Management about a possible deal for the All-Star Power Forward. I am thrilled to hear that Danny Ainge is in buyer mode as opposed to selling.

Let look at this particular rumor realistically. I can think of about 100 reasons that the Kings would laugh at any offer for DeMarcus Cousins.

Why would a team that was in rebuilding mode for about a decade who finally hit on a superstar, then spent money in free agency to add around him to make a playoff caliber team all of a sudden trade the most valuable player on their team?  If they were trying to sell wouldn’t they look to pawn off other pieces like Rudy Gay, Darren Collison, etc.? Also they just hired a new coach, George Karl, and don’t they owe it to him to try to see if he can work with Cousins before dealing him for draft picks?

Then there is the elephant in the room that is the Danny Ainge factor. Would another team really fall for the chest full of assets and young players for a superstar trade after Ainge fleeced Minnesota for Kevin Garnett. Wouldn’t the Kings look at the offer whatever it is and say wait a minute… this sounds familiar,  as Ainge stares blankly at them waiting for them to budge. (Side note- negotiating with Danny Ainge must be the worst, I feel like he’s never made a person feel 100% comfortable while talking with him in his life.) So realistically, one would put the chances of a deal happening at about 500-1.

Even though common sense would say Celtics fans would be crazy to think about a potential Cousins trade, there is one lingering variable I can’t get out of my head that may make this dream scenario a possibility.  The Sacramento Kings are a shit show, and their new owner Vivek Randivive is borderline bat-shit crazy.

Could it be possible that the same management that fired a very competent and respected coach in Mike Malone, to let Tyrone Corbin (OF ALL PEOPLE TYRONE FRIGGEN CORBIN) take the helm for a month or so, would make yet another bad decision. At the time the Kings were in the middle of a season long losing streak, due to the fact the aforementioned Demarcus Cousins was sidelined with a scary, and wildly overlooked viral meningitis diagnosis. Word on the street is that the disagreement between Kings Owner Randivive and Malone were obstructions by the coach to adopt the owners idea of a five on four defense. That’s right, the owner was looking for an excuse to fire the coach, with no backup plan in place, because he wouldn’t adopt a ridiculous game plan strategy that is absolutely one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

After that whole debacle, they fired Corbin and now have hired George Karl. If one is to remember correctly he doesn’t have the best track record when dealing with a primadona, moody, immature, yet immensely talented superstars. Right, Melo? So to sum up the cluster f*#% that is the Sacramento Kings, we have total dysfunction, bad leadership, a disgruntled superstar, and a situation that may be about to explode. So your saying there’s a chance.

Let’s hypothetically side on the small glimmer of hope that the Kings are stupid enough to deal Cousins. How many assets would Danny need to give up for him?

My guess is Jared Sullinger, James Young and two first round picks. Add in probably an expiring to match up salary and you may have the Kings ear. It’s difficult to imagine the Kings would listen to any first round picks other than the unprotected Nets pick in 2016 and the Celtics pick this year, and who knows if James Young would even be a chip the Kings would want. I’m also assuming that a move this big would be difficult to put together in two days, but this is a great sign for a potential blockbuster over the summer.

For a rumor that is probably a pipe dream for the Celtics, a little positive spin never hurts. Something to keep an eye on as we near the Thursday Deadline.


-Sean Dutra
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