Thursday, March 30, 2023

Jaylen Brown meets with Department of Justice at White House

The Celtics took advantage of their trip to Washington D.C. ahead of their matchup with the Wizards Tuesday night.

Jaylen Brown along with Malcolm Brogdon and Grant Williams met with members of the Department of Justice and President Joe Biden's administration to discuss changes in policy.

The three Celtics teammates, who are also vice presidents of the NBA's Players Association, got to break bread with government officials on Monday at the White House.

Following Tuesday's shootaround, Brown spoke with the media about topics that were addressed during the meeting, including athletes using their platform to affect change in a positive way.
"We sat down and had a conversation about some of the things going on," Brown said during his post-practice presser. "How to use our platform more, how to collaborate, just get more involved. I think that athletes have a tremendous platform, regardless of if people want us to use it or not."
Brown also talked about his teammate Brogdon and how he's been an example to follow when it comes to professional athletes using their status to promote change.
"Malcolm is my brother, on the court and off," Brown said. "A lot of the things he stands for I appreciate but also I have a tremendous amount of respect for. What he's doing in Africa with his foundation with the clean water, he just spoke at the United Nations last week. He's just a model of how athletes can have an impact, have an incredible amount of influence and responsibility in their community and how people should want us to do more with it than come out and play a game with a ticket price and then go home."
While Brown didn't mention by name who they all met with on Monday, he did echo the responsibility that players have to not only meet with policy makers to develop social change but they can also work with their peers to achieve the same goal.
"One of our roles as the vice presidents of the Players Association is to pull our counterparts in and make it more comfortable for everyone," Brown explained. "We still want to get more people involved, more players involved, more athletes involved to use their platform because I think we're stronger together."

Joel Pavón

Photo used courtesy of Boston Celtics Twitter

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