Saturday, May 13, 2023

Jaylen Brown calls out Celtics fans at TD Garden for being 'OK at best' during playoffs

Jaylen Brown had a message for Celtics fans at TD Garden ahead of Game 7 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

After coming off a 95-86 victory in Game 6 where the All-NBA forward finished with 17 points on 6-of-13 shooting and six rebounds, Brown says C's fans have brought lackluster energy during home games this postseason thus far.
"Celtics fans, y'all love to call us out, right?" Brown said during his postgame comments Thursday. "I'm gonna call you guys out this time. The energy in the Garden has been OK, at best, all playoffs. Game 7, if you're there or if you're not there. If you're at home, if you watching at a bar, if you watching down the street at a friend's house, I don't care."
To Brown's point, the Celtics are only 3-3 at home in the playoffs over the last several weeks and  a "disturbing" 10-10 over the last 20 games at the Garden -- according to TNT's Charles Barkley.
"Not only is that not a good stat," Barkley said following Tuesday's 115-113 loss in Game 5. "That's shocking to me that a team with that many good players [loses at home that much]. In the last two to three years, they've been in the top one or two [teams] in the Eastern Conference … there's no excuse for that."
While the Garden fans did boo for parts of Game 5 and rightfully so, Brown is expecting "that it's going to be loud and that it's going to be rockin'," come Mother's Day.

Brown was also asked to compare the crowd at Wells Fargo Center during Game 6 to what he's hoping the TD Garden will be like for a do-or-die Game 7.
"It was good," Brown admitted. "But when the Garden gets going, there's nothing like it. I'm expecting Game 7 to be a great basketball environment, and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there."
It's good to note the Celtics are 21-5 in Game 7s at home, so Brown isn't far off when it comes to what he's been use to witnessing during his seven years in Boston.
"I need you to be up. I need you to come with the energy because we're going to need every bit of it. No excuses, we need everybody. So, I'm calling you guys out. Let's make sure the Garden is ready to go."
Brown and the Celtics tip-off against the Sixers Sunday afternoon at 3:30 ET on ABC.

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